Discovering street art in the newly reduced speed zone!

The City of Vincent has recently commenced a trial reducing speeds to 40km/h in it’s southern suburbs close to the Perth CBD area. The main (district distributor) roads¬† identified in the map will remain at their respective 50Km/h or 60Km/h however the residential streets in the zone will drop to 40Km/h. It’s a wonderful move that will compliment the growing cycling culture but will hopefully foster an even more vibrant inner city community for residents and visitors alike. I really enjoy wandering around the city on the bike and I hope reduced speeds may encourage even more people to jump on their bikes.

Lately I’ve been going for bike rides in search of street art in Mount Lawley and Northbridge. I have stumbled across loads of different kinds of artwork around the restaurant areas and tucked away in lane ways. I hope you get on the bike and go find some of these cool pieces too!


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