Dome Westralia Plaza, Perth CBD

Let me set the scene for you by saying that it was a Sunday and we had slept past breakfast hour but were keen for something light to eat and a coffee, we were in Perth and weren’t prepared to spend a great deal of money. The Dome at Westralia Plaza was open.

Dome Coffee grew from humble beginnings in the 1990’s with its first store in Cottesloe, Western Australia. It filled a big coffee gap in the market back then and over the years developed into a franchise chain with now over a hundred stores across Australia and some parts of Asia and the United Arab Emirates. All stores are individually owned and resemble the old ‘Kaffehaus’ places you can find some parts of Hungary, Prague and Austria.

The dome

Westralia Plaza sits next door to the Brookfield Precinct, The Dome can be seen from St Georges Terrace and on a Sunday it is one of a select few places open. It would have to be the larger of the Domes in W.A with two levels of a seating areas. You could occupy a small corner and spend a few hours their undisturbed, especially since they offer free wifi internet. On Sundays they close at 3:00 pm.


Dome’s menu is extensive with a huge selection of food and drinks, I ordered the scones and jam. They were served warm with cream, raspberry jam and butter. The scones were rather large and for me it would have been nice if there was a larger portion of jam. I will never grow tired of the simple pleasure of spread cream and jam onto the scone and then consuming it I love the taste.

Scones and jam

The coffee to my surprise was good, it was hot and strong.

Coffe at dome perth

There was one disappointment and that occurred when the wrong toasted sandwich came out for Dk, they took it back and rather then making a new one they replaced some of the  ingredients and he could still taste the tandoori sauce! It was a real disappointment and the service lacked at this store, it is not the best when you hear the staff complaining as well.

All day breakfast the dome



Minor Information

Free Wifi Internet

Open on Sundays until 3:00 pm

Free parking on a Sunday

No public holiday surcharge


167 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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