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Wandering through the promenade at Claremont Quarter, we were lured into Lucioli Bar by the sweet display of Italian pastries and cakes. I can be easily distracted in the pursuit of delicious food, especially cakes. The Italian bar and restaurant is a nice addition to Claremont and apart from coffee and food, diners can enjoy an aperitivo or glass of alcohol from the menu. The idea of indulging in a glass of champagne after shopping sounds like a good plan especially since I generally prefer avoiding shopping malls most of the time.


One of my favourite childhood sweets is cannoli. It is the classic Italian dessert. My nonna used to make cannoli shells from scratch using homemade wooden dowels for shaping the dough. She would bring out an old Peters or bulla ice cream plastic container filled with custard cylinders of goodness. Nonna was the ultimate upcycler before there was such a word. ‘Mangiare, mangiare’, she would say to me and my brothers. ‘You all too skinny.’ We could have as many as we liked much to our parent’s dislike. The traditional filling of a cannoli is sweetened ricotta cheese however these days pastry cream is the popular choice. I personally, seek out the ricotta filled ones, they have a rich flavour I just love. The goats cheese ricotta cannoli really hit the sweetness spot, the filling was thick and smooth and the pastry exterior was firms. It was a delicious variation to the cow ricotta cheese.


The bite size glazed eclair was filled with coffee flavoured cream and undoubtedly a perfect little treat with a cup of coffee.


The traditional long macchiatos were outstanding. The small amount of milk was just enough to avoid weakening the strong bodied flavour of the brewed beans. We enjoyed the complimentary little chocolate too.


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