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Late night Gelato at Chicho

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth & Icecream & Late Night Cafe & Perth Cafes on March 13th 2016 0 Comments Chicho-Icecream-Northbridge

The Internet will tell you of the story of Chicho Gelato, a business launched out of an adorable cart moving from one suburban market to the next. Local West Australian produce made fresh. Rotating, inventive and sometimes daring creations. I’ve been wanting to try Chicho’s gelato for such a long time now but unfortunately kept missing …

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Dinner at Print Hall Bar

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth & Late Night Cafe on March 9th 2015 0 Comments Gnocchi

The evening before my birthday, Derek and I decided to go for a pre-birthday celebration. We have been wanting to dine at Print Hall for a long time now, truthfully, since it opened a few years ago! We’ve had a couple of drinks upstairs at Bob’s rooftop bar under the neon West Australian sign, and they …

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Dessert at Nobu, Perth

Posted in - Chocolate & Coffee & Icecream & Late Night Cafe on February 7th 2015 0 Comments Miso-Cappucino

There is certainly more to placing down a bet at the Crown these days – there’s food and more importantly dessert!

We arrive at the front desk of Nobu without a booking, however, this causes little concern, there is room for us and we are immediately shown to our seats. Our window side table is near …

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Gusto Gelato, Leederville

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth & Icecream & Late Night Cafe & Perth Cafes on November 21st 2014 0 Comments Gusto-Gelato-White-Chocolate

A handful of gelato places can be found in Perth and now there is Gusto Gelato in the colourful neighbourhood of Leederville.

Although the name gelato translates to ice cream in Italian, it differs slightly to the traditional creamy and fluffy ice cream. It’s crafted from a varying technique and served at a warmer temperature, hence the softer texture. Ice cream or …

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Koko Black Salon, Claremont

Posted in - Chocolate & Coffee & Food and Drink Perth & Late Night Cafe & Patisserie & Perth Cafes on November 13th 2014 2 Comments Koko-Black-Claremont

Kick starting the weekend a little earlier we visited the Claremont Koko Black Salon. On a Friday morning, a normally hectic Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre was blissfully peaceful  with the exception of the retail staff preparing the stores for the morning rush. Koko Black had just opened its doors for the day and we were …

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Koko Black Salon, Perth

Posted in - Cake & Food and Drink Perth & Icecream & Late Night Cafe & Perth Cafes on September 27th 2014 5 Comments Belgian-Chocolate-Mousse

Koko Black is a chocolatier and café, the first store opened at Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre a couple of years ago and is the destination for chocoholics to delight and treat. I always return for the beautiful handmade chocolate truffles. My favourites are basically all of them (I was lucky to receive a big box for …

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San Churros Northbridge

Posted in - Chocolate & Food and Drink Perth & Late Night Cafe on January 27th 2013 0 Comments san churro 2

New to San Churros and part of the 2013 Summer Menu is the Chocolate Fudge Sundae, the ultimate 1990’s dessert when at the time in Perth the only dessert cafes around was Baskin Robbins and Gelares! We certainly are spoilt here in Perth now, just look at all the yummy choices!

Northbridge San Churros is …

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