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My brother who lives in Sydney was in Perth for two weeks recently and Café 58 was his choice for our lunch catch up. Café 58 is a corner street shop surrounded by residential homes in the older neighbourhood of Palmyra. On a Saturday late morning all of the seats outside were taken but luckily we had a booking for 8 by the front window inside.

I went with a simple bruschetta dish of two pieces of toasted Turkish bread with diced tomato, feta, onion, and topped with basil leaves.  There were two pies on the menu and Dk ordered the Village pie. Light filo pastry encased spinach, caramelised onion and creamy feta cheese. A side salad was included of roast pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts. We ordered a couple of traditional long macs and the lady was thoughtful enough to let us know the glasses were small and a topped up cup would be better. We went with her advice and were satisfied with the coffees. Other dishes that arrived at the table included caesar salad and a pumpkin, spinach and pine nut salad. The meals were good, the portions okay and served with a side of salad.

Village Pie ($19.00)


Bruschetta ($15.00)


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When my brother suggested Café 58 to be honest I was a little hesitant following a look at the reviews on urbanspoon but after our lunch I felt a little bad for judging before I had visited! I had done what I was always told never to do as a child – never judge a book by its cover. The truth is every now and then I do find a good place that has a much to desire urbanspoon rating. The Blue Duck is one example, it is my favourite place for breakfast and yet its reviews are always mixed. I guess a myriad of unfortunate events can lead to a disappointing experience from the time of the day you visit, perhaps breakfast is better value than dinner, being served by a staff member that is already having a bad day before you sat down. Receiving a small portion meal and paying a high price for it. These all not okay but they do happen.  That is the great thing about urbanspoon, you can read all about these things as long as you can pick the fake reviews from the genuine ones! The truthful ones over the ones motivated by over the top negativity.

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