Mushroom Cafe & Bakehouse

Hitting the road destined for Perth following a short break in the south west of the state, we discovered not a great deal of places were open. Understandably it was New Years Day.  We were pleased to find a few choices for breakfast in the quaint country town of Balingup and next to the tourist information centre we walked into Mushroom Cafe and Bakehouse. The cottage cafe was quiet, infact, we were the lucky first diners for the day. Even better for us, we were nursing a slight hangover and needing some food and coffee pronto.


Both of the coffees were superb, our first for 2015 and we really enjoyed them. We relished in those first sips of caffeine, not a word was spoken.  I didn’t take note of the blend used, however, they were strong bodied and temperature hot. Derek even returned to the counter ordering a second cup. The coffee would certainly rival some of the cups I’ve sipped on from the coffee centric city cafes.


Cappuccino-BalingupLong Macchiato


We decided to share a big breakfast with our coffee orders.

The big breakfast was indeed big, easily mistaken for a plate from a breakfast buffet.  It was tasty and included sausages, eggs, toast, baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. The lady offered to serve the breakfast on two plates however we were just as happy to share the one plate. It was certainly nice to receive good hospitality and not experience an awkward situation for wanting to share a dish.

The Big Breakfast


The Mushroom Café and Bakehouse was a good choice and gave us ample loads of energy for the journey home. It’s great to find a place to stop for a good cup of espresso when travelling down south too.


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