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On the way to Red Hot Spatula’s Asian foodie walkabout tour last Saturday we stopped in at La Veen Coffee and Kitchen for the morning coffee.

The café occupies the corner of a beautiful historical building along the prestigious King Street, a strip known for its exquisite boutiques in Perth.  The hustle and bustle of the working week long gone, instead a laid back weekend atmosphere consumed the cafe. People reading the newspaper or simply chatting away. On observation no one is in a rush. I love weekend mornings!

We ordered two long macchiatos (three quarters) and they arrived shortly after we took a seat by the window. A couple of minutes later the lady delivered some ice cold water.

The interior fitting of the cosy café is wood and exposed brickwork, lots of natural light enters from the long rectangle windows. The first week of spring the weather was less than average, as we sat comfortably inside we watched people darting past the window for cover from the rain.

The long macchiato was superbly presented in a clear glass. The loveheart coffee art held strongly in the thick layer of combined crema and milk froth.  The coffee itself was temperature hot and intense, one of the strongest coffees in Perth, I would go as far to say. To drink the coffee though, was smooth. The barista certainly has skills and the coffee beans used are one of the better brands in West Australia from the guys at Five Senses.

The ease of service combined with a fantastic long macchiato, we will no doubt return to La Veen Coffee and Kitchen for an espresso in the not too distant future.



King Street

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