Spring Espresso in Subiaco

Spring Espresso has changed a bit since my last blog post. The coffee shop looks completely different and a new set of staff serve just as good coffee as before.


I have always loved the atmosphere at Spring Espresso and it is at its best in the morning on the weekends. It is packed, there are people buzzing around – i love it! The staff seem to handle the crowd okay and our coffees came out in no time. There is plenty of seating at Spring to enjoy the streetscape.

Spring is an early morning coffee place, opening  around 6.30am. Light breakfast is on the menu along with some small cakes and snacks. It is located in the  Crossways Shopping Centre  which has the best grocery shopping store in Subie – Farmer Jacks.


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Parking available at the front or in the Crossways Shopping Centre parking area. Eftpos has a $10.00 minimum which is a pain! Order at the counter.

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