Toastface Grillah in Perth Shopping Mall Precinct

A new little place has opened up in Perth city this month and it is called Toastface Grillah, it is located in a lane that veers off from the Murray Street Mall and connects to Barrack Street. At Toastface Grillah, a name that bears resemblance to the rapper Ghostface Killah the menu on offer is a variety of grilled cheese toasties and coffee.

A new place in town

Toastface Grillah

This unassuming eatery is a little haven away from the hectic shopping mall area, its decor is raw and simple with the unpolished wood and exposed brickwork. The covered open air courtyard is compact and the lack of tables is made up for with seats and benches, I just love the randomly placed greenery. We initially were thrown off with the diamond shaped fencing and walked straight past, but that in fact is the entrance to Toastface Grillah.

Toastface Grillah



Grand Theatre Lane is one of the bigger lanes in Perth and it features a mural by artists Bonsai and Two-One .

Grand Theatre Lane, Perth

Grand Theatre Lane

 Step out of the Murray Street Mall and into an urban retreat

rear courtyard

The coffees served at Toastface Grillah come in two sizes of 8 ounces and 12 ounces, we ordered a takeaway cappuccino and long mac in the smaller size. They were good and certainly make our list of  best value in town at $3.50 a cup. The espressos are only $2.50, very reasonable for Perth.

Coffees ($3.50 each)


We were so impressed with the grilled cheese varieties available on the board, each offering contrasting tastes to the other. Skipping the plain ham and cheese choice I went with the Pear Grillz and Dk being utterly obsessed with cheese went with the 3 cheese grilled sandwich.

The Pear Grillz is not for faint hearted, the main ingredient is Blue Cheese of course! It is however suited for a cheese enthusiast and served with pear and lime chutney. Personally I loved it, the blue cheese obviously dominates and the sweet pear is a nice addition.

The 3 cheese was a combination of  the hard cheese varieties of cheddar, gruyerre and emmantel. It was delicious!

3 Cheese ($6.00) and  Pear Grillz ($8.00)


I would love to know Toastface Grillah’s secret as the toasties come out crispy and not oily or sloppy like mine! View our revisit post here.

Minor Information

No eftpos, cash only

Located in Grand Theatre Lane which is accessible from Barrack street or in the Murray Street Mall.

Wheelchair friendly with a small ramp

Counter service


Grand Theatre Lane, Perth City

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