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Sunday morning, its windy, dark and wet. Little did we know of a storm was due to hit the area later in the afternoon. For the moment though we head to a neighbourhood French patisserie known as Choux Cafe.

We managed to secure a table inside and ordered our regular coffees and cakes at the counter. There was a new cake (photo above) in the glass cabinet of which I apologise, I forgot the name! It was a slice of cream, spongecake, stewed apples, candied pecans and a layer of thin sweet pastry. It was topped with half a marinaded apricot, chocolate Choux badge, sugar glaze and finely chopped pistachios. The flavours and texture of this patisserie cake were delicious.

The second cake we ordered was the popular mille-feuille, very similar to the vanilla slice.  A beautiful cake with its thin layers of puffed pastry and cream, finished with a slab of vanilla icing. The mille-feuille is always a patisserie favourite for us and this delicious.

Mille Feuille

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