Evening feast of many at Asado

South American street food sounded like a superb way to begin the boy’s birthday weekend.  Add a parilla BBQ and we could possibly be set for a feast of many at Asado.

On a Thursday night the streets in Claremont appear to be empty and we conclude it’s going to be quiet one as we short cut walk through Claremont Quarter, yet when we enter Asado the restaurant is teeming with people and I’m quietly regretting not securing a booking earlier, however, as luck may have it, a friendly bar person shows us the option of a table by the heater, which we happily take. He delivers a couple of menus as well as an all mighty run down of the food. We find this helpful and his cheeriness is a good start to the evening.

The lunch and dinner menu is the same and divided into sections of street food, parilla  BBQ, plates, sides and dessert. Dietary requirements are covered with some dishes being DF, GF and V. There is also a couple of creative meat free dishes.

Since we’re sharing dishes, we carefully select a range making sure we try the parilla BBQ, where selective cuts are slowly cooked over the kitchen’s coal fired grill.

Now, if you missed out on the pig head tacos at the recent Taste festival you’re be pleased to know they are on the menu. Also, on Tuesday it’s taco and tequila night for $10.00. Laid out on a wooden board, the heaped corn taco shell is ready to be rolled and consumed. Slowly cooked pulled pork, cabbage slaw and a generous dollop of aioli, I could definitely eat more of these. A delicious piece of crackling is saved till last, its the cherry on the cake really.

One for the confident meat eater is the smoked veal tongue, trust Asado because they know how to cook a tongue! It’s firm in texture and a pleasure to eat, I thought it tasted very similar to chorizo.  There is a beautiful strong salty flavour and an accelerating chilli kick to the overall plate which could be the chimichurri sauce or the piquillo pepper, I should have paid better attention. I liked this dish and it went well with the side of white sourdough bread, make your own open sandwich I say! I can imagine this to be a good snack over a couple of casual drinks too.

Slow braised beef short ribs was the only dish we ordered from the plates part of the menu. Also the highest in price for our dinner at $32.00. We were both excited about the ribs, with a cook time of ‘hours and hours’ it’s not something we have at home on a regular basis, so this was a real treat and the price totally justifiable in this instance. The rib is lacquered in a beautiful thin sherry glaze and it almost melts in the mouth. It was topped with a nice mix of red onion, coriander and peppers. It hit the spot.

We really enjoyed our feast at Asado, the only regret was not ordering dessert afterwards! If I’m honest here, I’m a little hesitant when it comes to share plates, because in the past we’ve always paid more than the cost of ordering two mains and eating less, if that makes sense.  Asado though, is a place I would return too. Additionally I like the variety and the special attention given to cuts of meat quite often not seen on Perth menus. Having visited for breakfast, dinner is certainly very different, and there aren’t too many places around that offer both services. Don’t ask me which one I prefer because I’m a fan of both!



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