IS Donburi, Northbridge

IsDonburi is a little Japanese eatery along William Street and it sits at the entrance of Arcade 189, very near to Superstar Waffles.

The menu at IsDonburi instantly aroused my attention when we were deciding where to eat in Northbridge. The menu has plenty of choices to satisfy the fussiest of eaters or an indecisive person like myself. There are 8 varieties of Udon and 5 varieties of Yaki Udon. Then there are 14 varieties of Donburi. The sushi roll choices looked interesting and enticing, going above and beyond the Katsu Chicken and California Roll there was the Dragon Roll and Roll Antipasto.

The I Bento Box would have to be one of the largest bento boxes in Perth at the moment! It is served with a choice of chicken, pork or beef, miso soup, steamed rice, salad as well as a selection of sashimi, tempura and sushi. It is the ultimate dude’s food and that is what Dk went with.

I Bento Beef ($22.00)

The Yaki Udon was served with stir fried Udon noodle with pork, vegetable, dried fish flakes and a drizzling of Japanese mayonnaise. The Yaki Udon was a good choice, it was freshly prepared and served straight to us.

 Yaki Udon ($12.80)

The dancing crab sushi roll of 8 pieces consisted of soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, pineapple, fish roe, crunch sweet potato with Balsamic reduction.

Dancing Crab Roll ($15.00)

Sushi roll 2

sushi roll
The sushi rolls are large, in fact all the menu items we ordered were very filling. I doubt anyone would leave hungry from this place.

The small restaurant has seating indoors as well as in the arcade. I love that you can see the action happening back in the kitchen.

For $3.00 there are also takeaway sushi hand rolls in the front counter, we have stopped by a number of times for a hand roll.

Is Donburi
Minor Information

William Street is now a two way street

Ticket fee parking available along William Street


Shop 10/189 William Street, Northbridge

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