Mighty Rawwr! + a park walk

The raw food movement is slowly winning me over, there are some great places around town to find the raw equivalent of a decadent chocolate cake or creamy topped carrot cake. The other day I attempted a raw chocolate mousse with the main ingredient being avocado. The end result looking a little messy but it was seriously delicious. I also felt good afterwards.

Located at the quiet end of the Station Street Markets opposite the Angry Almond store is a food and drink bar called The Mighty Rawwr. The store has a beautiful display of foods from a Chocolate Beetroot Torte to a Citrus Kale Salad. For those coffee drinkers like myself there is a lovely big coffee machine. The Mighty Rawwr use Bannister Downs Milk and Fiori coffee beans from local West Australian businesses.

We ordered two takeaway long macchiatos and a Rawwr Reeces Pieces slice to share. Oh my gosh this little goodness of raw dessert was unbelievably delicious, creamy and I could taste each ingredient. Raw food in Perth is not cheap, the small slice cost $6.50. Eating healthy seems to come with a premium. But I believe as more and more people switch to this style of eating, perhaps the price will come down. Neitherless this was a perfectly made slice and we loved it. The coffees were strong and perfect.

Rawwr Reeces Pieces Slice ($6.50) 

Rawwr reeces pieces

Subiaco  is blessed with a number of spacious green parks and wanting a change in scenery we walked  to one located along Juniper Bank Way. It is a beautiful place of green lawn, BBQ and playground facilities and a large lake. There is a path that circles the border of the park and dogs on leashes are allowed. Even though this place in the middle of Subiaco it is peaceful.




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More Information about Station Street Markets


Subiaco Station Street Markets open from 9:00am – 5.30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There is a small free carpark but it fills very early in the morning

My blog post on the station street markets.

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