La joie de vivre and a French meal at home

The first weekend in a while that we have been able to spend it alone and at home all rugged up near the heater, I was looking forward to a big meal. Earlier that afternoon I opened my Little Paris Kitchen cookbook in search of a new and exciting dish to cook for dinner and bake for dessert.

Cider Liqueur

cider liquer

A twist to the traditional beef wellingtons I made Cheureuil en croute which translates to venison wellingtons. The recipe calls for venison steaks and Armagnac however as a bottle of Armagnac is quite pricey in Perth I settled for the bottle of brandy in my cupboard.

Cheureuil en croute (Venison wellington)

venision wellingtons

Now to the best part, dessert!

The Mont Blanc recipe is very simple – meringue, whipped cream and sweetened chestnut cream. Unfortunately chestnut season is over in Perth and so I used a can of chestnut puree from France instead.


The chestnut puree did have a hard jelly appearance  and similar to spam in a can however when it was combined with the other ingredients over heat it turned into a lovely glossy smooth cream.

Chestnut Cream

I was very pleased with the result of the dessert, my best meringues by far. They were crunchy on the outside and ever so soft on the inside, combined with cream and chestnut cream it creates a richly flavoured dessert. Dk went a little bit further in creating an indulgent dessert by adding scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and covering it all in ice magic (a favourite chocolate Australian topping). I must make this recipe again when chestnuts are in season as I think it will take the recipe to that next level!

Meringue and chestnut cream mountain – Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

Where to buy the ingredients

The cider liqueur  – Mountford Winery in Pemberton

The venison meat  –  The Meat Safe butcher in Subiaco

Chestnut Puree – Jack Wholefoods Claremont Quarter

Recipes are from The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

My book review of The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

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