Book Review: The Whole Pantry

The Whole Pantry is by Belle Gibson.

The book is centred on a healthy house and includes a couple of non food recipes like chemical free laundry detergent (I love!) and a coffee body polish. It’s not a detailed book, very simple and a fantastic beginning point for detoxing the household in baby steps. I like the overview of detoxification of the body, a pressing reminder that the body needs to be supported by minerals and vitamins through food and also by regularly sweating those environment toxins out!

The recipes throughout the book are meat, wheat and dairy free. While I don’t generally exclude meat from my diet, I often add my choice of meat to a few of the recipes. However, if you want a break from meat, there are ample options in this book.

Tried and tested recipe highlights

  • Raw Sauerkraut – not as daunting as I first envisioned. I love the vinegar taste, the longer you leave the sauerkraut the stronger that taste becomes.
  • Borscht soup – a liver cleaning soup, super strong
  • The ‘vanilla’ cheesecake – one of the best raw dessert recipes I have made to date. Finely ground pumpkin seeds for the base and a cashew cream with maple syrup for filling.
  • Onion bhajis – these are yummy with a curry!

I am looking forward to trying….

  • Parship Gnocchi
  • Supergreen pesto
  • Kimchi
  • Chocolate nut-butter cups
  • Coconut, cardamom and vanilla pannacotta

Now, Belle has survived cancer and she talks about her story at the beginning of the book. She mentions, she stopped chemo treatment and followed an alternative route. I think, if you are in a similar situation and this book motivates you, be careful. Realistically, a couple of pages of her life experience should not be interpreted as a solution to your own health circumstances. As I write this review, a few alarming claims have surfaced about Belle and the integrity of her cancer story as well as the question of why money has not been donated to charities as promised. I’m definitely following the story as it unfolds. Media stories aside, if anything, the recipes in The Whole Pantry are deliciously nutritious and easy.

My vanilla cheesecake



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