5 Awesome Kickstarter Children’s Books

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for creatives and inventors to launch their special project. The creator sets a budget and backers purchase rewards which is normally the product or other promotional pieces of the project. If the budget is met via backers, the project goes ahead to completion and delivery.

For the creator it’s not as easy as uploading an idea. Each Kickstarter will have a video about the project, photos, features as well as risks and challenges. This is win win for the backer with so many details provided.

Quite often Kickstarter projects are born from the motivation of the creator and here are a few wonderful and unique children’s book currently online.

Click on the links for the full campaign details. It’s hard to pick a favourite here because each is wildly individual!

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth – a Children’s Book

A book written by a surf and adventure photographer, The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a wonderfully created book encouraging kids to get out there and explore.

The Bot Who Spoke to Earth

The Inn at the Edge of the World

Quirky, magical and weird, this book is about a family who move to the edge of the world and run an Inn with some very interesting guests.

The inn at the Edge of the World


Science Wide Open: Children’s Books about Women in Science

A series of children’s books that teach the basics in chemistry, biology and physics as well as introducing women scientists throughout history. If you were to ask me as a kid if I could name a women scientist, I would have said no.  This book is cleverly constructed for a young budding scientist.

Science wide open

My Name Is Stardust: Children’s Book About Science

Written by father and daughter this cute children’s book was inspired by the ‘the most astounding fact’ – that we are literally stardust and that this connects us to everything that ever was and ever will be. Illustrations are sketches finished with watercolour and gouache.

My name is stardust


Annabelle & Aiden: Oh, The Things We Believed!

A book that introduces children to healthy skepticism, through Skeptisaurus, a cool looking dinosaur.

Oh the things we beleived

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