Road trip to the North West of Western Australia


Having spent most of our adult years exploring the south west and great southern areas of Western Australia, we recently set out on an extended trip to the North West of Western Australia. This post is a snippet into our 1,654 kilometre long journey over a period of three days.

The north west of Western Australia can be a considerably unforgiving …

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Discover Kings Park & Botanical Garden


While Kings Park and Botanical Garden is a popular attraction in the capital of Western Australia, it is also a much loved spot for Perth folk. In this post I explore a number of activities which could very well be combined into spending a whole day exclusively in the 400 hectare park.

Tree exploring!

Invest in $3.00 at Aspects …

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Summer Landscape at Shenton Bushland


Gearing up for a move, we’ve been committed to some long days of packing and this means not much time for the routine cycles, so we’ve turned to short bush trails for a bit of a relaxing break.

We chanced upon Shenton Bushland when dropping off some linen to the Cat Haven earlier in the week and decided …

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52 Weekend Microadventures to try from Perth


In the spirit of new experiences, the running theme for this list is outdoors, nature, wildlife and positive challenges. Also, a few coffee breaks slipped in for good measure.  52 outdoor activities and micro adventures to try from Perth, so that is one every weekend for an entire year. A little trip may give you the same …

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Mt Chudalup and D’Entrecasteaux National Park


Mount Chudalup, an ancient rock form in the karri forest promises some spectacular views to anyone who reaches the summit. Seeing as we were staying at a local camp ground, we planned to cycle 11 kilometres to the trail head and hike to the summit.

We set out reasonably early taking advantage of some good cycling conditions …

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Revisiting Pemberton Mountain Bike Park


Passing through Pemberton in the southern forests of Western Australia, we couldn’t resist visiting the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park again for a ride on the mountain bikes.

We begin with a warm up in the dirt jump section adjacent the car park. Earlier in the year I was a bit hesitant with the jumps but a …

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Mundaring MTB trails to Lake Leschenaultia


Easing our way into a summer of riding, we embarked on a fun cycle to Lake Leschenaultia using the mountain bike trail network from Mundaring.

Lake Leschenaultia is a man made lake set in native West Australian bush land with camping and recreational facilities. Interestingly the lake was built in 1897 as a dam called Chidlows …

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Kid’s Australian Book Gift Guide


Looking for gift for the kids? We have some wonderful book ideas in this post from learning about the magic secrets of the West Australian Tuart Tree to a Kangaroo opening up a Cancan Cafe! These books are sure to inspire and excite through pictures of Australian landscape and wildlife.

A Year on Our Farm

Illustrated in …

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Exploring the Benefits of Sauna Sessions

spa-slider-2000x1072-sauna-steam-lounge (1)

In this fast moving world of blurred health truths, calorie counting, slim is healthy, strong is a better healthy, medical research politics and pseudo health busters, I am going to ask a simple yes or no question – Do you sweat regularly? Yes, I genuinely want to learn if you have a good sweat! Because …

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