Breakfast at The Shipping Lane, North Fremante

I feel a good majority of my posts on this blog mention the words– ‘today was a beautiful sunny warm day of clear blue skies.’ Anyone not living in Perth might find this difficult to believe. Aside from my fascination with the weather, Perth truly is the sunny state and today was much the same, even better because we had an enjoyable breakfast at the breezy beach cafe, The Shipping Lane.

The Shipping Lane is located on the ground floor of an apartment complex in North Fremantle and a short walk from Leighton Beach on one side and North Fremantle train station on the other. If you’re using public transport, Leighton Beach has the shortest walking distance from the train station to the pristine beach, give or take 600 metres. A good enough reason to bring along the bathers!

We take a seat outside the cafe in the middle of Sunday morning’s sea lifesaver activity. The modern industrial interior of this little café is interesting and links up to a cool maritime theme, fittingly so, the café sits opposite the ocean where a couple of container ships are anchored along gage road, waiting to enter Fremantle’s port.

The long black coffees arrive first up and there’s a little spillage. Never mind, the coffee is great, it’s strong and dark. It hits the spot.

The baked beans and thick pieces of spicy chorizo is presented in a mini cast iron pan and submerged in a beautiful homemade red sun-dried tomato sauce. There’s some sweet potato and feta in the mixture making the dish a substantial one. A nicely poached egg slowly erupts when cut, and sourdough toast is dipped a few times into the warm mixture.  If you like to dip toast, you may notice one piece is served with the dish. Overall the baked bean dish is a deliciously hearty and salty savoury breakfast.

We also have the toast and berry jam (GF option in the picture) and the big tip, some of the baked bean mix spooned on top of the jam toast is sensational.

The Shipping Lane was a great little spot for breakfast and we’ll definitely be back.


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