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Gerbeaud Slices

Posted in - kitchen @ Home & Recipes on August 25th 2013 1 Comments IMG_0197

The Gerbeaud slice (Gerbeaud-Szelet) is a Hungarian recipe of thin sweetened yeast dough, apricot preserves, ground walnuts and dark rich chocolate. Sounds divine doesn’t it?

The recipe was sourced from Rick Rogers’ Kaffehaus Book, it is a wonderful addition for any cake lover featuring recipes from the old bohemia country in Europe. The book …

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Waffle Iron Review and Recipe

Posted in - Featured & kitchen @ Home & Products I like & Recipes on May 1st 2013 2 Comments Waffle Recipe

Waffles, they are versatile dessert or snack easily found throughout the world.

The difference from country to country can be the recipe and appearance of the waffle, the texture and taste can also vary too. Liege Waffles, Brussels Waffles, Belgium Waffles, Stroopwaffles, Scandinavian Waffles and Hong Kong Waffles are a just a few varieties around the …

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