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San Churros Northbridge

Posted in - Chocolate & Food and Drink Perth & Late Night Cafe on January 27th 2013 0 Comments san churro 2

New to San Churros and part of the 2013 Summer Menu is the Chocolate Fudge Sundae, the ultimate 1990’s dessert when at the time in Perth the only dessert cafes around was Baskin Robbins and Gelares! We certainly are spoilt here in Perth now, just look at all the yummy choices!

Northbridge San Churros is …

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San Churro in Subiaco

Posted in - Cake & Chocolate & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on May 20th 2012 1 Comments San-Churro-subiaco

I took my parents on an expedition to San Churro in Subiaco last weekend to try their very first Churro. It is not very often I can introduce something totally new to my parents, they tend to stick to the comforts of what they know.

The affogato arrives to the table beautifully presented. The shot of espresso …

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