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Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House and Delicatessen

Posted in - All Day Breakfast & Breakfast & Brunch & Coffee & Perth Cafes & Perth, Australia on February 25th 2013 0 Comments Ice Coffee

I have a ‘must visit ’ list in my Google calendar and for months now Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House and Delicatessen has been ignored for the sole reason that I know no matter what time of the day I intend on going, there will be a guaranteed queue of people. Yes! That is how popular this simple Northbridge cafe is, …

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Kakula Bros, Northbridge

Posted in - Coffee on February 18th 2013 1 Comments coffee to go

Kakula Brothers is a continental grocer in the heart of Northbridge and this William Street establishment has been around since 1929 and is owned by hardworking Greek brothers. Kakula Brothers is not your typical modern branded supermarket, it is a charming traditional grocer that sells all the raw ingredients for cooking such as flours, spices, …

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San Churros Northbridge

Posted in - Chocolate & Food and Drink Perth & Late Night Cafe on January 27th 2013 0 Comments san churro 2

New to San Churros and part of the 2013 Summer Menu is the Chocolate Fudge Sundae, the ultimate 1990’s dessert when at the time in Perth the only dessert cafes around was Baskin Robbins and Gelares! We certainly are spoilt here in Perth now, just look at all the yummy choices!

Northbridge San Churros is …

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Superstar Waffles, Northbridge

Posted in - Budget Travel Australia & Food and Drink Perth on August 26th 2012 0 Comments superstar-waffles-perth

There are some great places along William Street in Northbridge and I would definitely say the area offers more than clubs and bars these days! Finally! Backpacker travel agents, vintage fashion stores, tiny coffee places, casual eating places, hidden bars all create a Northbridge worth seeing!

SuperstarWaffles is a new dessert shop to hit the …

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Little Willys, Northbridge

Posted in - Breakfast & Budget Travel Australia & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on June 17th 2012 0 Comments breakfast


Little Willy’s is a little cafe on William street in Northbridge. A great place for breakfast, reasonably priced and the staff are extra friendly. The cafe has a great atmosphere and i love the booth seating, that is if you are lucky to grab one as this place is fairly popular!

Little …

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Brunch at Dizzy Witch Cafe

Posted in - Breakfast & Budget Travel Australia & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on March 31st 2012 0 Comments front


The day after the wedding we were feeling like a BIG breakfast and having heard good things we stopped at the Dizzy Witch Cafe, across from hotel Northbridge.

I ordered the Mushrooms on toast Esmeralda($14.00) with a serving of poached eggs ($4.00) and should make mention the extra poached egg was in fact …

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