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Mighty Rawwr! + a park walk

Posted in - Cake & Coffee & Food and Drink Perth on July 26th 2014 0 Comments Mighty Rawwr

The raw food movement is slowly winning me over, there are some great places around town to find the raw equivalent of a decadent chocolate cake or creamy topped carrot cake. The other day I attempted a raw chocolate mousse with the main ingredient being avocado. The end result looking a little messy but it …

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Fly Home, Subiaco

Posted in - Cake & Coffee & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on June 12th 2014 0 Comments Fly Home 3

What we thought was a hole in the wall espresso café turned out to be a wonderful space of beautiful items, also a space where we could enjoy our coffees. Before setting up shop on Hay Street in Subiaco, Fly Home was previously based in Shenton Park next to the Little Pantry Cafe. The store is layered with …

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Sonnys – Revisited, Subiaco

Posted in - Coffee & Perth Cafes on April 18th 2013 0 Comments sonnys

Sonnys is another fantastic Subiaco cafe but unlike the others along Rokeby Road this one has an old school Italian charm. The City of Subiaco does a historical connection to Italy when in 1851 a group of benedictine monks settled in the area and established their monastery called New Subiaco, named after their home town. So …

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San Churro in Subiaco

Posted in - Cake & Chocolate & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on May 20th 2012 1 Comments San-Churro-subiaco

I took my parents on an expedition to San Churro in Subiaco last weekend to try their very first Churro. It is not very often I can introduce something totally new to my parents, they tend to stick to the comforts of what they know.

The affogato arrives to the table beautifully presented. The shot of espresso …

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Boucla, Subiaco

Posted in - Coffee & Food and Drink Perth & Perth Cafes on December 28th 2011 0 Comments coffee

You would almost think that you were in Fremantle when stepping into Boucla Kafenion. Organic, beautifully cluttered and antique are three words that spring to mind when describing Boucla. Coffee at this street side cafe is A+. It is hot and strong. Boucla is located past the Rokeby Road and Bagot Street intersection.

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