Challenging Mountain Bike Park close to Perth CBD

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Not letting an unlucky incident impede future fun at the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park, we decided to return and bring along the camera to capture some sections of the park. The Goat Farm which isn’t a farm at all is located in Greenmount National Park and close to the city of Midland. It’s a mountain bike park. Winter has encouraged a beautifully green scene and even a few wildflowers have appeared ahead of spring next month. Noticeably the park has undergone a bit of a ‘clean up’ since our last visit and perfect timing with a stage of the WA Gravity Enduro series underway next week.

The plan was to head straight into the main section of the park, taking Blue Cruiser (a cross country trail that traces the border of the park) and Cannonball.

The park is well known for its steep terrain and the climb from the skills park combined with a rocky surface really increases the heart rate within minutes of commencing the ride. I walk the bike up for most of the uphill to conserve energy I know I’ll need for the downhill run. We reach the highest point for the morning of 172 metres, it appeared to be a look out area as well. The view, sensational against the bright blue sky. Winter in Perth isn’t all that bad. A small group of riders and hikers also gather at the top, taking a rest and enjoying the view.

I’m not quite sure what follows next, but I’ll say our route down was free and easy. We’re definitely spoiled with the excellent signage on other Western Australian trails. Not all together a bad thing, the layout of the Goat Farm MTB park on the other hand is quite relaxed in terms of markers, and although they lack, it’s fairly straight forward to find your own way down the hill ending quite close to the car park. Switching between trails is easily done as well as jumping off the trail for a break. So much so that when I checked the Garmin later on, it showed we rode a combination of 3 trails not on our original planned route. I was not surprised to see we even meandered onto a black run, explaining the dire need for a stiff drink afterwards. I found it to be a little intense as generally ride blue trails.

Our ride this morning was a slice of the park and I’m looking forward to taking on more of the Blue Cruiser cross country route. The highlight was the 4X trail because of the width and fast flowing descent, I felt comfortable riding down and it wasn’t as rocky as the other trails.

The Goat Farm is a great area for developing technical skills however beginners may struggle with the challenge. For those attempting mountain biking for the first time, I would highly recommend the Kalamunda trails instead. I saw a similar comment on a forum some time ago that proved very valuable in beginning this hobby, talking about finding a happy balance when riding. Because you want to enjoy mountain biking at your own pace. I waited about a year before visiting the Goat Farm and glad I did as I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. Mind you I still almost stacked it four times this morning and have much to learn along the technical rock sections, but with the skills obtained from riding along the Kalamunda trails I enjoyed the challenge.

Happy riding everyone!






Skills park goat farm



Beyond the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

At the rear of the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park, Greenmount National Park continues and we ventured along a track to a look point thinking it was part of the mtb trails, also passing a smaller hiking trail.  It turned out to be nice surprise reaching the lookout point.

Below is a map I’ve drawn on from Trailforks to give you an idea of the lookout. To cycle, the long straight trail may be a physical challenge with a continuing uphill trend until the lookout. That said it is all downhill on the way back. When you reach the sealed Padbury road, veer right until the end.

goatfarm greenmount map












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