A-Z Guidebook: Koh Samui, Thailand

I’m joining up with TIFFIN’S A-Z Guidebook Travel Link Up, and April the letter is K.  – Koh Samui in Thailand, a place I visited a few years ago.

Koh Samui is an island separated from Thailand by ocean and reachable via slightly questionable ferries or commercial planes, and I think it’s because of this separation, the atmosphere is different to other highly popular islands that tend to be connected by road or very close to the mainland. This photo sums up one of the first things I noticed about the island, the innovated ways of the locals. This jetty we spotted one day beach hopping around the island may never pass building codes back at home, it does however serve it’s purpose quite well, as well as being a nice little focal point for a photo. Just mind the uneven planks! Koh Samui was every bit a tropical island experience, even the airport, with cute little carts that whisk travelers from the tarmac to the small open air customs area. In the evenings we walked through the markets, eating satay from a mum and son run stand. The scenery, a mix of vivid blue ocean, lush green trees and rainfalls. Finding a retreat when the afternoon monsoon hits was exciting because it hardly rains at home. Scootering to high vantage points around the island for scenic views. Humid evenings that made me want to eat fried noodles and drink ice cold mango juice.  That was my experience on Koh Samui. At the same time I couldn’t help but notice the invisible race on the island between the local culture and the big hotel trade. I hope a balance is maintained because that’s why I visit places like Koh Samui, to escape the touristy places.


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  1. Nice photo. You brought back a twinge of nostalgia and memories of my visit to Koh Samui back in the 1980s.

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