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There is much anticipation in Japan just before the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Festival. Japanese and international travellers take part in Hanami, an annual tradition of viewing the blooming of the cherry blossom flowers. While we were in Nozawa Onsen, the sushi master of one of the local restaurants eagerly gave us a run down of the forecast from the Japan Meteorological Agency one evening. The weather is an important tracker! Following winter, when the weather starts to warm, the trees begin to blossom and the delicate pink flowers do not last too long on the branches.  Sushi master thought we would miss the blossom, but alas, we made it!

In Tokyo, the trees generally blossom between March to May and while there are trees along the streets of Tokyo (especially Meguro!), the best place to enjoy Hanami is a park where a cluster of them can be found. Also where many Japanese head to picnic under the pink flowers with blue tarp mats. We visited Yoyogi Park on the way to to Harajuku, it’s conveniently located adjacent to the train station. We found a park bench and sat under the pink canopy watching the trees and the festive scene around us. Pretty and elegant, in the light they kind of glow, and with a small burst of wind the petals fall like snow from the trees. This is one scene that was difficult to capture on the camera and incredible to see.


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  1. What beautiful photos! The blossoms would certainly be something to see. I love that there’s a whole festival just to celebrate their beauty 🙂

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