Munda Biddi here we come!

Tomorrow morning we leave on a short trip down south for mountain biking along the Munda Biddi track around Donnelly River and Manjimup. I am super excited but at the same time I’m not sure what to expect. I am looking forward to being ‘out of range’, gazing up at the stars at night and waking in a new location each day. I’m hoping the track isn’t too muddy from the recent rain. Our first time camping as well as cycling the Munda Biddi trail, I think we are definitely throwing ourselves in the deep end this time! We are consciously taking the approach of, anything goes! Whatever unfolds we’ll roll with it and smash every ride.

These past couple of days I have started to realise that I underestimated the preparation part, although we’ve been doing researching and collecting necessities for the trip since June, everything feels last minute. I have been dehydrating food like crazy and coming up with food meal plans.

I have learnt the difference between mountain bike camping and car/caravan camping is travelling light. With mountain biking, it is only you that will be carrying the load. In saying all of this, there are some fantastic well made lightweight products on the market. Of course, the lightweight stuff is more expensive! We found some great deals on snowys and wild earth. All of the blogs that I have been reading do point out to spend that little extra money on items such as shoes and sleeping bags, and tents. It will be interesting to see how we go with what we have.

We have hired two bicycle trailers that will attach to the bikes which means we can spilt the load.  A few months ago I wrote up a packing list on the blog and quite few of those items have since been struck off in favour of travelling light. Also, it’s just a short trip and we pass through Manjimup where we can pick up any necessities.

The weather is going to be as expected for August in the southwest – wintery and chilly, we have our wet weather gear and I’ll be happy if it doesn’t rain too much. Now that should be interesting!

The plan is to spend a night at Donnelly River, set off on the trail and spend one night in the bush at one of the Munda Biddi hut locations, continue on to Manjimup for the night and back to Donnelly River. Each day we’ll cycle approximately 25km of mostly off road tracks. It’s the shortest daily distance on the track, where as most sections stretch for 40kms + before reaching a hut. We were originally going to stay overnight at Fonty’s Pool however they are closed for August and instead we”ll stay in Manjimup at the local caravan park.

I would say we are overpacked in food. We keep looking at the pile of food with no intent to reduce. I figure as we eat, the load will become lighter. There’s a bit of everything and having read that everyone gets tired of the dehydrated food we are bringing along a bunch of avocados and bananas. Covering my diet requirements was a little tricky but I think we have it covered and there’s extra dude food for Derek. His dietary requirements is meat and lots of treats! Most of the food has been dehydrated at home and we have a few of those handy dehydrated food packs from the camping stores to try out –  Gourmet Lamb risotto and bushmen’s stew. Unfortunately it’s about 30% meat and 70% flavours, vegetables oils and preservatives. Bit of a let down when you see the words ‘gourmet’, right?

Wish us luck and I can’t wait to tell you how we go!


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