Mountain biking the Munda Biddi

The Munda Biddi Trail is an adventurous 1,000km off road mountain bike trail stretching from Mundaring to Albany. It meanders through all sorts of terrain and some incredible forest systems. There are unenclosed huts with basic toilets along the trail or alternatively the trail passes through small towns, giving riders an opportunity to spend the night and stock up on supplies.

We completed a small portion of the trail in the southwest section of Western Australia and can only describe the experience as an adventure of epic proportions, an experience like no other that was incredibly relaxing as much as it was mentally challenging. I would do it again. Thank you to the Munda Biddi Trail foundation for maintaining such an amazing trail.

Our Route

Day 1 – Donnelly River to Karta Barnu Hut –  23km, Munda Biddi Trail,  Overnight in the tent

Day 2 – Karta Barnu Hut to Manjimup Town – 23km, Munda Biddi Trail, overnight in the tent at the Manjimup Caravan Park

Day 3 – Manjimup to Donnelly River – 25km, country roads,  overnight in one of the mill cottages at Donnelly River 

Final Packing List

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping mat

Sleeping bag liner

Camp stove & fuel canister


Shellite/white gasoline

2 x cups

Two stack able pots

Coffee plunger

Head torch


Munda Biddi Map 5


Waterproof map protector

2  x water bladders (2 litre & 4 litre), an adapter to turn into a water bottle

Water filter

First aid kit from the pharmacy


Tent pegs

Tent light/lantern


A few plastic bags and ziplock bags

Pegless clothes line

Lightweight dry Sack 1 litre

Compression dry sack 4.5 litre

Lightweight dry sack 35 litres

A sponge, a cloth, a tea towel

Small bottle of organic soap

Deet insect spray (didn’t use though)

Toilet paper

Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste


Rainproof jacket and pants



Underwear and socks

Lightweight hiking pants


Camp shoes

Hiking shoes

Leanne day layers – thermal long sleeve top, fleece top, hooded vest

Derek day layers – thermal long sleeve top, fleece top and t-shirt

Mountain Bikes

Pocket knife

Multi tool

Bicycle tool kit & puncture repair

Spare tubes plus trailer tubes

Bike lock

Shock pump

Healthy Trail Meals

I dehydrated our dinners and the Bibbulmun track foundation have a dehydrator that you can hire if you become a member. Dehydrating your own meals means a healthier meal with more nutrients.

As there really isn’t any food to hunt as such in the area, dehydrated food is the way to go for meals. The body is going to need a substantially higher calorie count and items like chocolate and olive oil are good for this. Lot’s of spices adds extra flavour to the dehydrated meals.

Breakfast – coconut rice with dried fruit and banana

Snacks – avocado, banana, chocolate, beef jerky, cacciatore with cheese on bread, rawsome slices

Dinner – dehydrated chicken and mushroom rice, teriyaki chicken

meal planner Munda Biddi

Take home tips

Here are a few things we discovered and learnt from trip

  • Go at your own pace and be happy with it
  • Be flexible and open minded, it is a mentally challenging, yet very rewarding experience
  • Winter is an ideal time  – no flys, no heat, beautiful green forest
  • The trail was well marked
  • I cherished having fresh socks for each day
  • A big breakfast and coffee, snacks during the ride and a big dinner worked for us.
  • Food rewards are wonderful. At the end of the ride when the tent was set up, we really looked forward to the treats. The simple act of brewing a hot chamomile tea was bliss. We bought along some Rawsome chocolates which pack really well. (they need to be refrigerated in summer)
  • Spices enhance meals on the trail – cinnamon, salt pepper, tumeric, coconut sugar
  • In winter, foods like Parmesan cheese, butter, cacciatore, bananas and avocados keep well and add lots of flavour to the meals
  • I used a cosmetic storage bottle container to bring along some Siracha sauce and it was delish on mushroom rice
  • Stop and enjoy the trail, the scenery, smells and sounds
  • Hills were a mental road block at times. Each hill I climbed I looked behind to acknowledge the achievement, and then proceed to say ‘screw you hill’!
  • A meal plan worked, albeit we had plenty of food
  • Having never towed a Bob trailer before, it took me a day to get the hang of it, zig zagging uphill was darn difficult. Going down hill was just awesome as the weight of the trailer would add some extra push.
  • We wished, we had bought along ear plugs for the night at the caravan park.
  • Transwa buses won’t carry the trailers, they will for a cost carry the bikes. We couldn’t find any buses travelling to the area that would and so we ended up driving down.

Online Resources – Foundation that manages the Munda Biddi trail – Bill is a local Perth resident that cycles and documents the various mountain biking trails. He has plenty of detail about the Munda Biddi sections – a website for all trails in Western Australia – hiking, biking and 4WD – Hire place in Perth city for all varieties of bikes and accessories. This is the place where we hired the Bob trailer.

Perth Visitor Centre – where you can buy all of the Munda Biddi maps

Donnelly River Village –  they also have cheap dorm rooms for Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun travellers

Manjimup Caravan Park –  clean caravan park with camp sites that have ensuites in the centre of town.









What is your essential items to pack on a mountain biking, camping trip?

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