Camping and Cycling in Nannup

With a few nights up our sleeve we travelled down to Nannup to mountain bike a few of the local trails before the long weekend. Nannup is located in Western Australia’s south west along Vasse Highway, in between Bridgetown and Margaret River. The Blackwood River and a few creek systems pass through the town making it a genuine haven for nature and outdoor activities.

As the trip approached, each day the weather forecast wasn’t looking ideal with scattered showers. However not wanting to retreat from our plans of fun we decided to still travel down to Nannup and see it out whilst camping. Wet weather gear, thermals, waterproof tent and an optimistic attitude – we were set for a special trip in this old mill town.

Camping at Nannup Lavender Farm

Nannup Lavender Farm just outside of town offer a small camp ground behind their tearooms, and this is where we set up base having booked earlier on in the week. While it rained the entire drive down to Nannup the weather cleared in time for us to pitch the tent and unpack. Also, to open a bottle of local wine recommended by the lady at the bottle shop in town. We toasted to a weekend of cycling, and pushing our limits whilst engulfed in natural surroundings.

Our hosts, Rob and Heather run the lavender farm selling a range products made on the farm from culinary lavender (think lemon lavender roast chicken!) to heat packs and soaps. Their Nannup Lavender brand can also be found at the Taste of Nannup shop in town. We had access to toilets and a hot shower, the gardens were beautiful and the surrounding area was serene. There was an abundance of native wildlife like the blue wren and kangaroo.We spotted the emus down the road on another paddock. Lilly the border collie was a real character, we enjoyed watching her seriously herd the guinea fowl around. Rob offered to take us on an evening walk to find some of the nocturnal animals, however we crashed early and never took him up on this. We did hear the owl one evening.

Our original plans of riding the Old Timberline trail were made even better when Rob gave us the opportunity to be dropped off at Jarrahwood, effectively extending the journey into a beautiful part of the forest.  This worked out perfectly for us as we wanted to do this but couldn’t figure out a way of coordinating cars and a shuttle to the spot. Thank you Rob!

While the rain continued through our stay, especially overnight, I have to say listening to pitter patter on the tent and frogs in the distance was a relaxing experience. And the tent handled the rain superbly, in the sense that we were sealed warm and dry inside. One of the biggest attractions of camping is the starry night experience and one evening the disappearance of clouds opened the sky to many sparkling stars and the milky way. Something we never see in the city.

We had a wonderful stay on the Lavender Farm and highly recommend for other campers, particularly if you find caravan parks too busy. We hope to return again because two nights fell short of all the things to do in the area.















This was our first visit to the town and now that we’ve seen and done albeit not long enough, a detour to this colourful and quaint place on the way to the great southern areas is a must. A couple of nights is even better! Time it well and visit during the week, you’ll have some sections of the forest to yourself! Nannup is not a night life town however if you love to explore this is a place to visit.

Check out the Taste of Nannup shop for local products and next door Pickle & O serve sensational coffee complimented by healthy fresh food. Drive along Balingup Nannup road for beautiful rolling hills, river views and one or two wineries. Visit St John Brook Conservation Park, there are hiking and biking trails. Ride the Munda Biddi trail. Cycle or walk the 22km Old Timberline Trail. Check out the picturesque Barrabup and Workman’s pool in St John Brook Conservation Park. Visit Foreshore park and check out the flood line tree and Old Railway Bridge over Blackwood River. Stock up on gifts along Warren Road. Visit the skate park just outside of town or the mountain bike downhill run. Pick up a brochure and walk the heritage trail. Admire the wildflowers in spring.










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