Esthers Cake Shop and Cafe

Located on William Street, a short distance from the Newcastle Street intersection is a small takeaway Asian bakery. On a Saturday morning the smell of freshly baked warm buns and soft Pandan cakes is an excuse to stop by. Also, the first destination on the Red Hot Spatula Asian foodie walkabout tour (post to follow soon) with Yvonne and Yolanda.

Similar to a bakery we visited in Japan the protocol is to pick up a tray located to your direct right and select the buns you wish to purchase. Very easy! The hardest part of course was arriving at the final choice. There were a good variety of savoury- kaya buns, pizza style, fluffy pork, sausage and the traditional pork buns. There were also custard filled ones.

A different take on the kaya toast snack found though Malaysia and Singapore is the kaya bun. It was light and fluffy, inside a small portion of coconut jam. The pork bun was delicious but the portion of pork was on the small side.


Equally as good were the sweet cakes, a combination of choices from Black Forest celebration cakes to small morning tea sizes.

The Pandan sponge cake, recognisable by the green colour is popular in South East Asia. The juice of a pandan leaf gives the cake that green colour. On the top of the counter were small sized packets of the cake. The cake was of a sponge like texture, it was subtly sweet and would make a lovely tea cake.


The little Oreo cakes looked very cute but I was more interested in the Swiss roll.

I have been watching The Great British Bake off over the past couple of weeks and one of the technical challenges was the Swiss Roll. A flat rectangle shaped sponge is baked and then rolled up with the cream. Acheiving a rolled shape with no cracks and then an even cream swirl is something to admire. For now I’ll buy my swiss roll from a bakery.

The Coffee Swiss roll was delicious, a scrummy (as Mary Berry puts it) butter cream and a denser sponge than the Pandan cake.


More Information

On a Saturday parking is free after 12 noon

The bakery accepts cash only, no EFTPOS facilities

15 minute walk from Perth CBD


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