Perth Inner City Park and Pastry Treats

Inner city life need not be one of chaos when you are on foot, especially spending a morning in sunshine eating delectable little pastries.

A short walk from Northbridge and across from the 100 plus year old Hyde Park is a small bustling bakery called Chu Bakery. This sweet corner fixture to William Street is a popular place to be in the early morning and although it’s not a cafe (with tables and chairs), the flow of people is maintained with a very handy coffee window.

So with Hyde Park within close proximity, we happily took our pastries and coffee over into the park finding a bench seat to sit and watch the world go by. Surrounded by Perth’s inner city sprawl, Hyde Park is a pleasant place to go for a stroll under the canopy of some very old trees and alongside two lakes.  Hyde Park, named and shaped after Hyde Park in London over a century ago is predominately occupied by exotic trees, but having said that native vegetation was replanted quite a few years on the islands to improve water quality of the lakes. It’s teeming with bird life and even the red tailed black cockatoos visit a few of the native trees.  The inner city green space is a great spot to see the autumn colours at this time of the year.

The raspberry chu puffs were delicious, a slight crunch in the choux pastry stuffed with raspberry cream. Highly recommend a visit to Chu Bakery!


Chu Bakery

498 William Street, Highgate

Hyde Park

Vincent Street and William Stree

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1 thought on “Perth Inner City Park and Pastry Treats”

  1. One of my fave spots! I love their iced matcha too. Always a hard decision between the puffs or one of their eclairs! But watch out for the kookaburra in Hyde Park, he flew up and took a full Boston donut right out of my partner’s hand and flew off with it before he could take a bite on his birthday! He was so sad and the guys at Chu said it happens every day.
    xx Jenelle

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