Day 3 – Manjimup to Donnelly River

This morning we woke before dawn to the rumblings of a truck idling nearby, a contrast to waking up in the forest yesterday. We had spent the night in Manjimup at the Caravan Park. It was much colder overnight and this morning the tent was covered in moisture and steam rising from the hit of the sun’s rays. All I can say is a 4 season tent was worth the purchase, we enjoyed a cosy warm sleep and to top it all off, the hot shower this morning was sensational.

We were excited and super keen to venture back into the forest, to the sounds of birds and rustling of trees. We packed up our gear and rehydrated some really satisfying coconut rice pudding over the little campers stove. Sipping on hot coffee we studied the map, working out a route back to Donnelly River Village. Today’s cycle was going to be a leisurely one, along sealed country roads and half of the distance travelled along the Munda Biddi Trail. The only foreseeable challenge we could think of would be sharing the road with cars, however in saying this we weren’t going to be cycling along any highways.

We enjoyed long stretches of road at a faster speed, and it was a great feeling to be using a harder gear. It was fun. The landscape of green rolling farm land and tree plantations was broken up by patches of small forest. Manjimup is beautifully green at this time of the year. The ride was easy on the mind with no a great deal of concentration needed. There were 3 or 4 big hills to contend with towards the end of the journey, and each one we stopped for water and snacks.

As we approached Donnelly River, the forest sprung up and we rode under the shade of the tall tree canopies. The karri trees really are something to see in this area. We encountered a few cars along the road and some even gave us a wave.

We rolled into Donnelly River Village at lunchtime marking the end of our 3 day cycle weekend. A group of people gathered outside the General Store gave us a wave. More waves! It felt good to be back. We spent most of the afternoon lazing around on the verandah of the mill cottage.

We covered around 73 km over 3 days and I would have to say it’s been an experience like no other. Would you believe me if I said it’s been relaxing? It was definitely an adventure with challenges and rewards. It was fun waking up in a new destination each day and seeing the stars so clearly at night.  I’m surprised at how the body simply adapts, our 3rd and final day on the bikes, and although we have sore butts, I feel that I have just warmed up. I’m not really a  sporty person at all, I’m uncoordinated, thin build with little to no muscles, and this experience has definitely given me a confidence boost. Muscles though, would have helped greatly pushing the bike and trailer up the hill on the first day. I think I’ll work on these.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed the read. What’s your favourite cycle route?
















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    1. Thank you Mark! A part of me doesn’t want winter to end, its so nice down their during that time. But then again, we have wildflowers to look forward too!

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