Northcliffe Farm Stay at Canterbury Cottage

At the tail end of our south west trip we stayed overnight on a working farm 19km outside of the small township of Northcliffe (south of Pemberton). Canterbury Cottage is a bed and breakfast run by owners and farmers, Ken and Kay.

Setting out on Boorara Road, we drove into some remarkable Karri country and deeper as the road turned into red gravel. The road is bordered largely by forest with a few farms here and there. A fire tore through the area over a year ago and left a bit of damage. A close call for Cantebury Cottage, Ken and Kay stayed behind with some firefighters to ward it off, which thankfully they were able to do. In our short time in the area, I was amazed to see nature’s recovery, the forest floor is growing green, and even the black charred trees are sprouting green. We didn’t see too many kangaroos, however the thump of a Roo’s bounce later in the evening as we took a walk around one of the paddocks was unforgettable!

Canterbury Cottage is a quaintly appointed place, and perched on the hill, there are some views across the beautiful farm. The cottage style gardens next to the living area brings an array of tiny darting birds literally to the door step.

As we pulled up in the car, we were greeted firstly by Pebbles the dog and then Kay. Later on, Ken stopped by and gave us some directions as well as a run down of the farm, telling us we were welcome to take a walk around. Also some handy information on Mountain Biking nearby!

We had bought an esky of food with us, so we could stay in and enjoy the farm for the night. Any exploring is best planned as day trips from the farm, that is, if you can bring yourself to leaving it! Places like Mt Chudalup, D’Entrecasteaux National Park and Pemberton are all located outside of town. Lane Poole Reserve and Northcliffe mountain bike park (home to the yearly Karri Cup) are nearby. The Munda Biddi runs a few km’s away from the cottage, and the Bibbulmun track crosses in the centre of Northcliffe. Foragers Field Kitchen in Pemberton hold a weekend dinner night. Phil’s Veggie Patch has a very cool road stall full of farm produce in Northcliffe. Although it’s not open to the public, Bannister Downs Dairy is a short drive away.

There is something special about finding a place, a world away from your own and enjoying that disconnection. Switching off, and relaxing. No social media, emails, work. While we had some green curry cooking away on the stove we managed to play a game of scrabble. Thank you for the hospitality and Ken and Kay!

Farm stay

Cantebury Cottage Bedroom

Cantebury Cottage kitchen morning

Cantebury cottage Northcliffe

Cottage gardens

Phil’s Veggie Patch

Farm stall 2

Bannister Downs Dairy

Bannister downs milk

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