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We are planning to hike a small section of the Bibbulmun track and returning with the bikes to trial a section of the Munda Biddi Trail this year! Two fantastic trails in Western Australia. Being an absolute newbie to the idea of hiking and camping overnight makes this exciting and also a little overwhelming. The latter I’m referring too, is the preparation part. Thinking about what to pack, what to eat and how to keep everything light as only you will be carrying it all, somewhere out in the Australian outback. Also, what part of the track would be suitable for a beginner? Winter or summer? I’ve been trawling through the internet doing my homework.

We have decided on winter because; it’s not stinking hot, no flies, no snakes (hoping), not as windy, plenty of water around and the scenery is beautiful. I think they are good enough reasons for a winter trek.

My question to you, reader; have you camped overnight? hiked long distance? What do you enjoy about it?

Western Australia Long Distance Trails

Bibbulmun Track

Munda Biddi

Hiking Stores

I found a cluster of adventure stores all listed below (except for Kathmandu) on Hay Street, they are a good starting point to see the latest market products.

Mountain Designs

Stocks some well-known brands like Sea to Summit. Mountain Designs also have an outlet store at Watertown.


Kathmandu have an outlet store at Watertown, here I found the cheapest Merino tops.


Colourful clothes, great range of vests


Paddy Pallin

Online stores




Other resources


Packing list for a 4 night camp

Sleeping bag, I’m a cold sleeper –  so it’s going to be an expensive buy

Sleeping mat, to offer a little support and keep me off the ground

Inflatable pillow, for a good night’s rest

Camp stove, Thinking a multi fuel one as they have simmer capabilities

Cup, bowl & spoon, eating a meal after a day of hiking or riding I want the pleasure of eating from a bowl

Pot or pan, or both, I don’t particularly like the idea of cooking in an Aluminium pot but they are super light to carry. I think I may sacrifice the light weight here.

Coffee plunger, it will be a nice little treat in the morning

Head torch, needed for reading and playing cards at night

Small torch, good to have a backup I think

Whistle, in case a werewolf attacks!

Waterproof cover for bag, to keep the backpack dry

Water proof pack liners, to store items that need extra protection like the sleeping bag and camera

Compass, necessary navigation tool

Map, necessary lifeline

Water bottle & bladder, extremely important and I’ll need to work out the daily water required to walk with

Blister kit, I read that everyone gets blisters on the trail and I hope I don’t!

Water purification pump and tablets, to purify tank water and river water

Gaiters, for wading through water 

Folding bucket, to transport water and wash dishes

Mosquito net, not sure if this is needed for winter?

Cotton sleeping bag liner, to keep the sleeping bag clean and also to sleep on a natural material

Pegless clothes line, to hang wet clothes

microfiber towels, for bathing etc

Rope & roll of duct tape, you never know when you have to MacGyver something, actually when Derek MacGyvers something!

Kitchen rubber gloves, will be handy

Emergency blanket, in case we end up in trouble

Tent, in case the campsites are full or we decide to camp elsewhere

Rubbish bags, multiple uses


Soapy scourers (2/Trangia), yellow scourer pp, biodegradable camp dish liquid, for clean up

Rainproof jacket, necessary in winter and also should be windproof. I’ll be looking for one with a big hood.

Rain proof or water-resistant pants, I’m a small human and pants are difficult to find, I would prefer waterproof 

Hiking pants, needs to be light and quick to dry, also must have some sort of  wicking performance which apparently moves moisture away from the body and prevents hypothermia. Jeans or cotton are no good from what I have read.

Base layer, mid layer and outer layer tops, I’m thinking a mix of thermals and merino wear

Vest, to keep my chest warm. I have seen there are vests with goose down and that sounds incredibly warm

Hiking shoes, watched Reese Witherspoon in Wild? Hiking shoes need to be perfect and all the tips I have read suggest to spend money on these

Camp shoes, to unwind we will wear camp shoes and I’m thinking crocs with socks?

Beanie, gloves, comfort items for chilly nights down south

Extra laces, never needed to replace laces but would hate the thought of losing laces on the trek

Vasoline, for chaffing

Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries

Toilet paper, toiletries

Selfie stick, time to buy one

Camera & batteries, to capture our adventure


I feel the list is long, do I need to shave some items? hmmmm



How does a foodie camp?  Instant food packs like Maggie Noodles seems to be the way to go, however I’m honestly not keen on the artificial flavours and preservatives. Fruit and vegetables are heavy and meat will spoil. Coming to the realisation that it is all about sustenance and not gourmet is hard to digest for this foodie but I’m confident I can come up with some food for the soul, the foodie soul! Here is my homework so far…….

Emergency meal, in case we arrive after dark or run out of gas and need a quick meal, I am yet to work out what this will be

Coffee, tea, lots of warm drink options

Dehydrated food, I’m going to hire or buy a dehydrator to make dry meals for the trek. I’m thinking the tastiest and most satisfying will be meat curries. Mushrooms are hearty. Possibly some ratatouille. Tortillas. Fruits for porridge. Freeze dried meals can be purchased however I would prefer to control the ingredients and make my own.

Spices such as cinnamon, basil, turmeric, to flavour food

Chocolate, to keep up the morale during hill climbs (for my little legs!)

Nut mixes, nutrient packing

Millet and oats, for porridge

Quinoa, for quick protein


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7 thoughts on “Camping Preparation”

  1. It certainly is a daunting thing to do if you haven’t done an overnight hike before. The key is lightness as every extra item is another item weighing down your pack and you certainly feel it after 10-15kms. With two of you it makes it easier to share the load so you can pack more.

    If you only plan on doing 1-2 nights then I recommend the bare basics in terms of cooking items/food. Check out the Back Country range of food (available at most of the stores you listed plus BCF) as they only require hot water and the packaging doubles as a bowl to eat out of. Most of the meals are two serves and they even do a breakfast meal although I prefer the classic combo of muesli and powdered milk. Also pack a bit of trail mix for snacking and don’t worry about packing chocolate as it is well worth it.

    As far as location goes I have heard great thing about the south coast near Walpole & Denmark if you don’t mind the drive down. It should be whale watching season for a while and Peaceful Bay offers up some spectacular views of the coast. If you don’t want to travel very far then the sections around Mt Cooke on Albany Highway are great and the shelters will always have space.

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about it.

    1. Wow thanks for the great tips and taking the time to write them! Good point about keeping it simple for a short camp which we would be doing first up. Would love to get down to Walpole and Denmark area!

  2. I have camped overnightand hiked trails quite regularly. I camped and hiked in Dwellingup a few years ago (and will be returning to camp, mountain bike & kayak there in late August!) and I can tell you that the scenery and the flora around that area is absolutely outstanding, especially in winter. Make sure to pack a sleeping bag liner, you can slip it into your sleeping bag for extra warmth during the chilly night! Have fun!

    1. Thanks Jess! I saw Dwellingup on the map the other day, looks like its surrounded by lots of forest, will have to look into it 🙂

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