Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe

The yearly Sculptures by the Sea festival runs this year from 4 – 20 March 2016. Every year there is a vast range of artworks – abstract, gigantic, colourful, thought-provoking, freaky, cryptic messages, figurative, kinetic, humorous, illusions. Artists from all over the world participate and Cottesloe Beach is transformed into an open air art gallery with an awesome laid back festival vibe. It’s uber cool and here are a few photos and musings….. what was your favourite?

Eye by Anne-Marie Pedersen from Denmark

It was very easy to walk straight past this flat and hidden artwork. The eye moves and it’s a fun challenge to take a perfect photo. See this one at night as it lights up.

Eye by Anne-Marie Pedersen

Re:Generation Sonia Payes from Victoria

A large sculpture, just look at the Norfolk pine trees next to it in the photo below! Is it not epic? It’s a creation of thousands of morphed images of the artist’s daughter and then sculpted. Reminds me of the movie ex machina.

‘I envisage a fictional future world where a new breed of all-knowing humanity will rise from the earth, like corn, and populate a new era” – Sonia Payes

ReGeneration by Sonia Payes

Parallel Thinking Space by Dale Miles from Denmark

An illusionary sculpture that looks way better in life than on the brochure!  Every panel has a vanishing point. Made from cedar, this sculpture won the Rio Tinto Prize.

Parallel Thinking Space by Dale Miles

Der Traktor by  Markus Hofer from Austria

The West Australian mining industry is the centre point of this crowd favourite. I just like the pink goo running off the utility. I’m not sure what the pink goo represents though, maybe that’s left up to interpretation? Maybe the bob cat is baking a cake?

Der Traktor by Markus Hofer

Homeless Car-apace by Tim Burns Western Australia

A car covered in aluminium foil. Highlighting homelessness in West Australia. Example of ready-made artwork.

Homeless Caraace by Tim Burns and Gary Carter

The Red List (Extinct) by Rebecca Westlund from Western Australia

I thought this plain looking, but powerful sculpture hits the nail with highlighting the Australian environment and extinction. White represents the last area where the fauna was sighted and red, the fauna.

The Red List extinct by Rebecca Westlund

Dust by Norton Flavel from Western Australia

Remember the goon bag sculpture from last year? Same guy, different sculpture. For a second I was tricked into thinking the sculpture is free standing. Brilliant and looks great against the ocean.

Dust by Norton Flavel

Book Cave by Julie Lea

I couldn’t find the origins of this artist. I was curiously attracted to this sculpture to see how these books sit in such an odd way, surely they are glued? I will let you uncover this. I could even smell the dusty library, old book odor. One for the book lovers.

Book Cave by Juliet Lea

Boxed by Harrie Fasher from NSW

Is the horse trapped? It looks sad. I think it’s beautifully constructed using plates and rods to craft the shape of the horse. I cried in the movie war horse.

Boxed by Harrie Fisher

Escape by Stuart and Hamish

I couldn’t find the origins of this artist. Kids run to this box from afar and I watched one run with their arms wide open as if they wanted to hug it. Crazy kids! It looks like a cool cubby house and even has a chair and window to enjoy. Beautiful driftwood look.

Escape by Stuart and Hamish

Skin Cube by Louise Sparre from Denmark

The name of this sculptures freaks me out! Now that is good artwork hahah. Pictures of the artist’s own skin enlarged on plywood and pvc. Up close you’ll see moles.

Skin Cube by Louise Sparre

Nobody has been here from the beginning by Masayuki Sugiyama from Japan

I like this black piece against the ocean.

Nobody has been here from the beginning by Masayuki Sugiyama

Sea Sponges by Karen Macher Nesta from Peru

Colour and texture fits perfectly on the beach.

Sea Sponges by aren Macher Nesta

A burden by Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend from Canberra

Up close, the body of this horse is truly amazing, one of my favourites for this year’s Sculptures by the Sea. The artist’s studio unfortunately was destroyed by fire a while back and I wonder if this has a connection?

Horse 2016 Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe



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Picnic Spots

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Grant Street playground and small grassed area

If you enjoyed the Sculpture by the Sea , why not venture through Cottesloe and look at the past ones using this map.


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