Sweetness at Choux Cafe

I would imagine living so close to this little French patisserie one could smell the pastries and breads baking away in the rear kitchen every morning. Choux Cafe make all of their scrummy goods in the cafe. Each time I try to taste something different even if I may not be entirely convinced of the combinations, like the strawberry and basil macaron. I am always pleasantly surprised with the combination of such unusual flavours (The pineapple and avocado macaron to name another).

strawberry and basil

This late morning we sat alone in the back courtyard with our coffees, cakes and macarons.

rear courtyard1

I cannot remember the name of the cake that we ordered (in the picture below), it was the first time that I had seen it at Choux Cafe. Basically it was layers of chocolate cream and different tasting pastries, all very thinly sliced. I think there was also a ground nut layer as well. The top was glazed looking very similar to the top of a crème brulee and decorated with the chocolate choux badge. All I can say is that it was perfect and something that would take me years to learn to make in my kitchen!


To me what makes a good cake is when you cannot taste the sugar and the flavours are subtle,  this indicates a ‘home- made style of cake’. This is what makes places like Choux Cafe and Chez Jean Claude Patisserie such popular places.

cake and macaroon

I ordered the blueberry and cream cheese and strawberry and basel macarons. Macarons are small in size because they are so rich in flavour and you really do not need a large one. They are perfect with coffee  and a cheap way to get out and about in Perth.

Choux now offer gift box macaron packs, where you can select a variety of flavours. I am thinking I may purchase it for my mum who has never had macarons before for Mothers Day this Sunday.

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