The Banker Cafe, Fremantle

Located in the magnificently grand former Commonwealth Bank building (built-in 1934), is a collaboration of coffee and retail fashion. The Banker Cafe and Common Ground Collective share the large space on 82 High Street in Fremantle.

Meeting dad for a quick coffee I was a little excited to show him a new spot in Fremantle, there seems to be quite a few popping up lately which is fantastic to see and some will even say –  about time for the small port side town!  The cafe is fairly easy to find, the big old building can be seen from a couple of metres away and it is not too far from the Market Street intersection.

Upon entering we spot the lovely wood built espresso bar to the left and more importantly the delicious looking snack treats by the counter. I really love the look of light coloured wood, it reminds me of a snow cabin or a house you may find in the nordic regions of Europe.

The Banker Cafe use their own branded roasted coffee beans and local West Australian Milk from the Bannister Downs Dairy farm in Northcliffe.

The small espresso bar has two couches opposite the coffee machine and a high long table. We sat in the verandah section by the gas heater.  Our coffees arrived shortly after placing our orders by the friendly barista. We sipped our coffees in a small takeaway cup ($3.50). The long macchiatos were three-quarters topped up as per our request.  Dad has never tried a long macchiato before, in fact when I mentioned it, he asked ‘is it coffee?’ So, this morning was a new coffee experience too, he was a little surprised at the small amount of milk and I could tell by his facial expression, he wished he had ordered his regular chocolate sprinkled cappuccino. But I will hand it to him, he tried something new!  The coffee aroma of the long macchiato was strong, it was a good cup with a well measured out portion of milk. Dad gave it both thumbs up.

We consumed two small treats with our coffees. The gluten free caramel slice ($3.50) was delicious and a decent sized portion too. I loved the taste of the honey with the soft chocolate. Yum! Dad enjoyed a nice muesli slice with juicy bits of cranberry.

The Banker Cafe is a great little place to stop by for a good quality espresso, High Street is a peaceful location in Fremantle.


 The old Commonwealth Bank building which used to also be the New Edition Bookshop and now, The Banker Cafe and Common Ground Collective


The Banker Cafe


Long macchiatos and sweet treats from The Banker Cafe. We were too busy talking away and I didn’t take a photo straight away, air bubbles start to appear in the coffee after 5 minutes or so.


Common Ground Collective Fashion Store


Please note there are no toilets however you can find some a few doors down at The National Hotel.

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