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On the last day of our short stay trip in Dunsborough we drove to The Eagle Bay Brewery Co for a late lunch at the hour of 2:30 pm. Eagle Bay is a short drive from Dunsborough and the scenery ranges from rural native bush land to stunning oceanic scenery along the Geographe Bay and Cape Naturaliste Coast.  Western Australia.com refers to ‘Eagle Bay as the luxury escape choice for Western Australia’s rich and famous’. The family run Eagle Bay Brewing Co offers a welcoming relaxed environment for everyone alike with reasonable prices.


The Brewery/Restaurant is well set out and makes the most of the of the rolling native ‘sunburnt’ bush view in the foreground. The father of the three owners (Nick, Astrid and Adrian), continues to farm sheep and cattle on the area around the premises.

‘We are seriously fussy about beer and wine. We want to make the best quality beer and wine that we can, using the best ingredients that are available and we want to share our products with you. We want to celebrate buying local, buying really great local produce and understanding what makes local produce so much better’ – I love the vision created by the owners of The Eagle Bay Brewery Co and after our visit  I was most pleased that it shines through the place from service to food.

On arrival there were no tables free and so we were directed to the bar table area for a few drinks until one became available.


The bar tables, nice view!

inside view


The beer brewing is steered by part owner Nick d’Espeissis and on tap is a range of different varieties which include a German Style Ale, Bavarian style lager and a surprise seasonal single batch special. All beer is made without preservatives and using only rainwater, malted barley, yeast and hops. Having such a great range of what is clearly passionately made beer we ordered the beer tasting tray which was served with a detailed information sheet.

Beer Tasting Tray ($16.00) 


Beer tasting plate


In addition to the craft of beer brewing Eagle Bay Brewing Co operate a small 15 acre vineyard and using the best wineries in the nearby area of Margaret River they are able to produce a nice little selection of wine and cider. Due to the small production the wine and cider are only available for purchase from the menu or cellar door.

I ordered the Bubbles Sparkling. I will confess that I am lover of Champagne, it is always my drink of choice. Champagne is only produced in the Champagne region of France and drinks such as sparkling are a great alternative to Champagne. Nowadays there are many sparkling wines that taste the same and if not better than Champagne itself.

Bubbles is made using an Italian technique named prosecco from Chardonnay grapes, fermented and bottled using age old French techniques. The Bubbles sparkling is nice and dry, perfect to make a bellini cocktail which so happens to require prosecco sparkling!


 2011 Bubbles Sparkling ($9.00 a glass)



Shortly after our drinks arrived a table became available, a table nicely positioned in the alfresco area to capture that stunning view and cool breeze except on that particular day of 36 degrees in temperature the wind was dead and the air completely still.


Our view while enjoying some late lunch



The food we ordered was absolutely amazing, good wholesome dishes with fresh ingredients. Just look at the deep green lettuce!


Pumpkin Bruschetta ($18.00)


Chips with garlic mayonnaise ($6.00)




Lentil and sesame fritters with raita, tomato, and red onion salad ($20.00)





White chocolate, passionfruit coconut meringue cake served with cream and a scoop of Simmo’s Icecream ($10.00)




Ice Coffee with Simmo’s Icecream ($6.00)


ice coffee


Australian Bush land at it’s best!




The vegetable patch next door, feel free to have a sneaky look




The sun’s hot rays gleam down as we wander through the vegetable patch




Minor details

Beers are also available on tap at Pour House and Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co sell beer by the Keg and have bottled Kolsch on sale at the brewery.

Fantastic menu, something for everyone including the designated drive.



252 Eagle Bay Road



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