Morning walk and lunch at Choux Cafe

Well, it’s official, I am on holidays! Working through Christmas and New Year last year in a retail store, I am really going to cherish my time off. I admire retail sales assistants, it’s a crazy job during the festive season but rewarding for the company’s balance sheet. This year I am looking forward to baking dessert for the family on Christmas day, something I couldn’t do last year. I am planning to bedazzle with a Chocolate Almond Torte and Mardi Gras Doughnuts.

The sunny weather enticed us to hop in the car and find a park for a relaxing walk.  Lake Claremont is always nice for an easy walk and it’s close to a few cafes too.  It is a beautiful nature reserve and we were lucky to spot a few baby water birds. After the walk we made our way up to Choux Cafe for lunch.




Choux Cafe is about a 10 minute uphill walk from Lake Claremont.

Lake Claremont

After placing our orders at the counter we take up seats outside the cafe enjoying the cool breeze. The patisserie was busy and the staff were pacing around keeping up with the inflow of people. In the 30 minutes of our time at the cafe, we watched 3 croquembouche towers carefully carried out the door and one very brave person driving away solo with the croquembouche propped up in the front seat.

We find our lunch choices made up in the counter to the left of the till. The ham and cheese baguette arrives to the table in a basket. The bread is crunchy to bite into and was filled with cold ham, cheese and pickles. The baguette is handmade in the Choux kitchen and although the bread is slightly dense, its beautifully delicious. I appreciate a bread made with yeast and butter.

Ham and cheese sandwich


Sausage rolls were the canteen favourite during my school days. I remember in grade one, Mum would pack me a mortadella or polony sandwich for lunch and I would trade it for my best friend’s sausage roll and packet of tomato sauce. I can recall, so vividly, biting into the warmed roll and tasting the buttery pastry and salty meat. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Mum’s sandwiches, its just that I could never have a sausage roll and I guess I wanted what I couldn’t have!

The sausage roll was accompanied with a small serving of salad greens. The pastry was flaky and buttery and the meat inside soft and juicy. Of course, no sausage roll is complete without tomato sauce.

Sausage roll


Finishing off lunch, we enjoyed a round of coffees. Choux Cafe do a supersize coffee, ask for the mug!

Derek enjoyed his mug of cappuccino, every inch of the milk foam covered in chocolate. The joy of a cappuccino. I drank a traditional long macchiato.  A dash of milk in the long macchiato was perfect following lunch. The coffees were temperature hot and the coffee aroma strong. I just love the cups too.

Coffee mug of cappuccino


Traditional Long Macchiato




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