Kalamunda mountain bike circuit + Oasis Tea Rooms

Returning from our short Munda Biddi trip a couple of weeks ago, we have been keenly talking about finding some mountain biking trails closer to Perth. A quick google and we came across the Kalamunda mountain bike circuit located only 40km from Perth city in the Kalamunda hills.

The circuit comprises of over 40km of trails for different skilled riders. There are a few spots in the area to start from, and the majority of the trails link up making it fairly uncomplicated to return back to the starting point.

The great thing about setting off from the Calamunnda Camel Farm on Paulls Valley Road is the close proximity of the mixed level trails (Green – easy, Blue – more difficult Black – very difficult) and the 800m practice loop (suitable for kids too). This is great for a group of mixed riders, something for everyone in the area. For those that do not ride, there are other activities like camel rides in the forest and hiking the world famous Bibbulmun track. Extend your day with an overnight camel safari or camp out at the nearest Bibbulmun track hut. Rock and roll mountain bikes are located in the vicinity and they offer bike hire, run tours and clinics. Right now it’s wildflower season in Western Australia and a perfect reason to head bush.

Oasis Tea Rooms located on the camel farm do a decent long black coffee, albeit a $5.00 one, but it does come with a cute little camel biscuit. Bear in mind it is free to park within the farm grounds and use the nearby trails, so I think it’s a minor cost for spending a few hours on the trail. Plus you get your caffeine hit!



Mountain biking is fast becoming addictive, I spend the week hanging out for the weekend to be able to venture outdoors and into the forest on the bike. The morning drive towards the hills is really relaxing. We pass hard-core cyclists tackling the big hill, a sign we are entering the hills. Then we hit Bickley Valley where there are a couple of wineries and homesteads set in the middle of vivid green paddocks, the road winds and enters State Forest. Core Cider House is a 10 minute deviation for a cool off drink afterwards and Lesmurdie falls, a popular picnic spot is on the way too. It’s a beautiful part of Perth.

The community atmosphere on the trails is really encouraging, I have to admit I feel like a bit of a dorky rider sometimes, but you have to start from somewhere right? Practice makes perfect. A lot of practice makes perfect. It’s when you forget about how you look that progress starts to show. So far no stacks but many wobbly moves to avoid a stack! The Munda Biddi I think was more of an enduring long distance challenge whereas the Kalamunda mountain bike circuit has some considerable downhill single tracks. Flaccid Ashback (green easy) is completely downhill. It’s a lot of fun weaving in and around trees, over obstacles (on the green trail, this is rocky surfaces) and there’s potential to go super-fast on the downhill sections, I can’t wait until I reach that stage. Tangaroo Tick is a small section to Flaccid Ashback and it’s uphill. Gottysnoble I am starting to love, its a short end to a day of biking, smooth downhill in the shade.

The Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective are a local group that ‘aims to develop, promote and protect the mountain bike trail network in Kalamunda and the surrounding area’. Membership is by donation and everyone is welcome. I recall seeing they host Wednesday night rides and they have put together a good trail map which we take out with us on the ride.

Shake, Rattle n Roll Beginner loop


Shake, Rattle n Roll Beginner loop


Pump Track


Easy trail from pump track to Flaccid Ashback


Flaccid Ashback


Slippery When Dry

Slippery when wet

Left – Slippery When Dry,  Right –  Black Diamond Obstacle




Munda Biddi Touring route 



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