The Happy Bull Cafe, Mount Barker

On the way to Porongurup we stopped in at the township of Mount Barker for some much needed coffee. Our car journey began from Perth and continued for roughly four hours until we reached the town. Mount Barker is located in the Shire of Plantagenet, what an interesting name! The town reminded me of the fictitious town of Pawnee from the Parks and Recreation US TV series.

Anyhoo we stretched our legs and headed towards a large stuffed red bull sitting outside the fittingly named, Happy Bull Cafe.  Inside was full of Friday lunchers, you would never have know from the street. The owner was very friendly and chatted away to us as we placed our orders. I noticed some mouth watering steak dishes delivered to nearby tables. Judging by the atmosphere inside I would say the Happy Bull Cafe is the place to visit for food in town.

Our long blacks were superb, temperature hot and very strong. No sugar was needed and there was a lovely crema layer in the cup.


The scone was served warm with a small side of cream and strawberry jam. I love smearing the spreads onto the scone and overloading it with cream. It was delicious.


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