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The Swan Valley is renowned for its wineries and yearly events of Spring in the Valley and Oktoberfest. Today we thought we would try something a little different, coffee tasting at Yahava Koffeeworks!

Yahava Koffeeworks roast beans on site sourced from various countries around the world, they are detailed and thorough in their search to deliver some of the finest coffee around to West Australians. Each coffee bean variety in store has a detailed description including where it originates from, it is always good to know what type of coffee you are drinking!

There is a lot happening in the ‘big shed’ which includes a cafe, gift store, dedicated made to order coffee purchase counter, coffee tasting counter and the academy training room.

We firstly head to the cafe area to order much needed coffee and snacks. We purchased two coffees and selected the Yahava Premium series beans which today was the ‘Hawaiian Kona’. These particular beans are grown on the mountainous western coastline of Hawaii. A bag of 500 grams of these beans retails at $79.00, so $5.00 to have a cup of this coffee did not seem too extravagant for my wallet.

Orange and Almond Cupcake

orange and almond

Cappuccino and a Long Mac – Yahava Premium Series – Hawaiian Kona ($5.00)


Prepackaged tea varieties available for purchase as well as chocolate coated coffee beans.

coffee beans

Yahava Koffeeworks offer 3 free tastings of up to 14 of their beans, the choice was extremely difficult and we must of spent a good 15 minutes accessing all the descriptions. We tried the Espresso, Romeo No.5 and the new seasonal selection of Summertime.

Summertime was soft and smooth in taste, could easily drink it as a short black. Espresso(Colombian, Ethiopia and PNG) and Romeo No.5(a blend of Colombian, Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Sumatra Mendheling)  were strong and a familiar to taste, similar to the coffee we drink at home. The girl offered us a fourth blend, the Kahava and wow! I am no coffee expert but the Kahava was certainly a  unique taste and immediately stood out from the other tastings, i was intrigued by the taste and we purchased a sealed 250g pack  for $10.50!

‘The Kahava is grown in the coffee jungles of the Nilgirri mountains, this coffee comes with a bit of a warning!  It packs quite a punch, with good acidity and rich body finished by a hint of chocolate.  The Yahava light espresso roast leaves a unique flavour which makes this a very interesting coffee and with the right grind is suited for all machines’. – Yahava Koffeeworks

 Free coffee tasting

coffee tasting

Orange and Almond Cupcake ($5.00), Vegetarian Panini ($7.50) and Hawaiian Kona Cappuccino and Long Mac


Yahava Koffeeworks have an online shop and for Perth deliveries it is only a $5.00 postage charge, so after your coffee tastings you can certainly order refills again and again!

There is free parking on site.

Yahava Koffeeworks offer some fantastic gift ideas for that loved one that has absolutely everything. One very unique gift idea for a extreme coffee lover is a 6 or 12 month subscription, every month they will be sent a 500g of A grade Specialty Estate coffee from the far reaches of the coffee growing world, freshly roasted and delivered direct to their home!

Opening Hours

Open Daily 9AM – 5PM
Koffee Sales Daily
Koffee Tasting from 9AM – 4:30 PM

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