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I woke up this morning to a grey sky outside, there was fog in the air and the ground was drenched from the heavy rainfall over night. Perth is blessed with year round sunny days and a short mild winter but today was far from our typical weather. For me personally I enjoy the days of going for a walk on a cold day and finishing it with a cafe visit. Before work we stopped by Santi’s, a cafe at the end of the Hampden strip in Nedlands and across the road from Hollywood Private Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

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The Italian cafe, I believe is owned and run by a mother and daughter team with an Italian background. Even on a cold dreary morning like today the elegant looking cafe was alive with flurry inside. It was well stocked with food, the counter was covered with cakes and slices, the glass cabinet housed all of the lunchtime options, the menu was decent in size and there were also additional items on the blackboard. I experienced a little Déjà vu of my Nonna’s kitchen who always had an endless supply of yummy food and her voice telling me to tu mangi, tu mangi! Food is definitely at the forefront of this cafe.

Santi’s Cafe



Dk went with the baked eggs which was a pot of sausage, cheese, herbs, and onions baked in a tomato based sauce. The finishing layer to the dish was the baked eggs and some chopped parsley.  The baked eggs was served straight from the oven and complete with a small handle mitt. Two fat slices of lightly toasted bread were included with the meal and used to absorb the remainder of the sauce. The baked eggs were hearty and definitely a true winter breakfast. It could easily have been shared between two light breakfast eaters.

 Menu Item: Baked Eggs ($18.00)

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The breakfast menu offered plenty of choices and the pancakes with honeycomb butter sounded so tempting but I was just not craving sweets. I was feeling like a comforting savoury meal and so I ordered eggs on toast ($12.00) choosing my eggs to be scrambled. If you are wanting something a little more substantial to the eggs the menu does offer a number of ‘add on’ options like mushrooms and tomatoes.

The rather generous serve of scrambled eggs were accompanied with two thick slices of lightly toasted bread and a small side of chutney. The eggs were creamy and the bread was soft. For $12.00 I was happy with the size of the dish, it was filling so much so that I skipped lunch that day.

 Menu Item: Eggs on Toast ($12.00)

Eggs on toast

I was left enlightened by the service, the girls were energetic and attentive even before I revealed my camera to take a photo of our meals. A smile is contagious and their welcoming attitude was a nice start to a long working day ahead.  I also noticed that they took care of their regular customers and this was great to see.

All in all we enjoyed our short visit to Santi’s and hope to return to try the pancakes and French Toast.

More Information

Breakfast is served until 2pm

Close to local hospitals and UWA

Close to Kings Park Botanical Gardens

A: 52-54 Monash Avenue , Nedlands, Western Australia 6009


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