Breakfast in an old bus garage at Propeller

Rising somewhat at an early hour, well for a Sunday morning that is, we made our way to Propeller in North Fremantle for breakfast and a much wanted coffee. Propeller opens from 7.00am which is great as most places tend to open later on the weekends. It was also nice to get in before the Sunday brunch crowd.

If you have driven along the coast to Fremantle, chances are, you have passed Propeller on Queen Victoria Street, its on the antique store strip and adjacent a small park, no bigger than a parking lot. A small sign tells us its a Fallen Soldier’s Memorial (constructed in 1923!)

Propeller cleverly takes up the spot within an old bus garage and I really dig it! The refurbished interior connects to a blue sea container, repurposed as a service area and more importantly where you’ll find all the daily baked goodies. The courtyard overlooking the small park is semi enclosed from the wintery weather and offers the warmth from strategically placed outdoor heaters as well as blankets for patrons.

We enter Propeller through the courtyard and take our seats next to a large glass and iron garage door, I can kind of imagine where the buses would enter the premises.


I went with the mushroom dish, asking for gluten-free toast and grateful the restaurant offers the slight change. The mushrooms were thick and juicy. I liked the way the pecorino cheese was served on the dish. Ultra thin squares layered on the mushrooms and by this particular way of presentation it allowed for tantalizing mouth fills of cheese, mushroom and toast! Nothing beats a good serving of cheese with a meal!

Mushroom & Sweet onion


A theme seems to be emerging with our breakfast choices in winter – me, the mushrooms and Derek, baked beans. Shredded pork partners duck meat in this baked bean dish, the rich flavour of tomato sauce and herbs was ultimately tasty.

Pork & duck baked beans on toast, herb oil


The long blacks were superb with a thick undisturbed layer of crema and we both agreed it makes the cut of the best places in town for a long black! Here I ask, barista, please do not change a thing!

Long black Coffee


Propeller was a delightful and very comfortable place to dine. Service was spot on and its a place I think we’ll bring the parentals too next time. The breakfast dishes left us with full bellies, however we hung around for a second round of coffees because the long blacks were that good.





Champagne and cocktails are available from the breakfast menu

Breakfast/brunch is served till 3pm

Bicycles racks opposite the cafe and the North Fremantle train station is a 10 minute walk away.

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