American Sports Bar in Perth

Catching up with a friend Wednesday night, we dined at Varsity Bar, an all American sports bar a few kilometres out of Perth’s CBD. It’s located in a dated small shopping centre along Broadway Ave in Nedlands. It’s not visible from the street and if you’ve never been before, let me direct you to walk towards the basement area and in the direction of the music. There’s parking on the street or within the shopping centre.

Local university students, American sports playing on the flat screen TVs and a decent guitarist and singer creates one heck of a noise, but I like it! Varsity is alive with atmosphere on a seemingly uneventful Wednesday night.  As we place our orders over the bar, a table close by erupts in laughter causing a moments interlude. The place is full. Our friend tells us, if there are no tables available, we can sit on the ones outside the bar and they’ll do a takeaway order. We spot one free table in the corner. Score.

Soon enough, red paper lined baskets holding the weighty burgers topped with a gherkin arrive to the table. The burgers come with fries or corn chips. In addition to burgers there are hot dogs, salad and pizza options.

With a strong grip on the burger I bite into the ‘NOTORIOUS P.I.G’ of pulled pork, saucy slaw and a BBQ sauce, the flavoursome sauce absolutely dominates the burger and there is a liberal serving of pulled pork. The corn chips are real tasty between bites of the burger. I went with the GF Bun which in true American style is one of the biggest I’ve encountered. I end up with leftover bread. Earlier on in the night the guy came past to let us know the onions in the Texan burger are rolled in flour and therefore not GF. We really appreciated this gesture.  To simplify the order and chances of a mix up DD went with the GF bun for his Texan burger.

Varsity Bar stock a couple of American beers that go down well with a burger. My friend enjoyed an ice-cold Budweiser.


Other burgers ordered on the table included:

The Texan – Double Cheeseburger, Bacon, Tobacco Onions & Smokey BBQ Sauce

The Cheeseburger with pickles and mayo

Varsity Bar in Nedlands is one place where you’ll get your big weighty double patty burger fix in a lively college type of atmosphere. It’s fair to say we’ll be back again!



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