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Living in Perth, we have become so used to the pleasant summery weather that as soon as the sky turns grey and it rains ever so slightly, it’s a big deal! You could even say we are a little spoiled living in this sunny state.

Sunday morning, despite the slight change in weather (lets acknowledge a big change for us locals), we decided to venture out for a coffee somewhere along the beach. Driving towards Fremantle, we stumbled across something a little different, in the form of a bus converted into a retro beach café.

Who can say Perth is boring these days?  In between the coastal strip of Leighton Beach and Cottesloe Beach, this appropriately named Bus stop café sits stationary above the sand dunes, and with uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, we were sold. It’s also next to a car park, making it a perfect pit stop with no beach trekking required.

We board the bus, place our orders at the counter and take up seats at the window. For the morning run the Bus stop café serve raw treats and breakfast. For two coffees and two raw balls the cost comes to about $16.00. We hang around on the bus watching the distant rain progress sideways across the idle cargo ships that wait for the okay to move into the Fremantle Port. The bus slightly rocks in the wind, ever so slightly. The sun appears for a little bit, for me to snap a few pictures of the ocean. Walkers and runners stop by for a takeaway coffee before continuing along the coastal path.  This strip is renowned for fitness enthusiasts as well as casual strollers and their pooches.

The awesome thing about the bus stop café is its direct beach access to coffee, you can go for a swim and walk up to the counter in your swim gear if you wanted too! There aren’t too many places along the coast like this. Dogs can sit outside with you as you sip the morning espresso.

All in all, a great coffee break with supremo views.









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  1. Thank you so much to the wonderful lady who served us this afternoon. You made our day giving my grumpy sick toddler a hot chocolate. What great service! Turned a grey day into a sunny one 🙂

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