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Having worked over the Easter long Weekend I welcomed in my very own long weekend with coffee and breakfast followed by spending a birthday voucher down at Kitchen Warehouse in Success.

Canvas Cafe is located inside the historical Fremantle Arts Centre, it is the Gothic looking building on Ord Street across from the Fremantle pools. If you take the entrance from Finnerty Street you will walk through an archway consumed in greenery, follow the path and you will reach the cafe. Canvas Cafe offer table service. It has a secret garden courtyard surrounded in shrubbery and old trees that offer only a glimpse of the blue sky above. There are also tables in the outer courtyard, where you can bask in the West Australian sunshine.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Fremantle Arts Centre 1

We ordered a couple of coffees to go with Canvas’ signature breakfast dish. The Red Shakshuka dish was served to us by an incredibly happy guy and presented on a big wood block. Two slices of fresh crusty bread and loads of garlic butter made the perfect edible mopping tool for the two eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce.  The Red Shakshuka was delicious and perfect for a mildly cold morning. These days, being time constrained I really appreciated the fact that the sauce was cooked for eight long hours, the flavour was intensely delicious. The large handful of aromatic parsley only added to the entire shakshuka experience. Sharing a dish seemed to be a good idea at the time of placing our orders especially after a weekend full of chocolate but to tell the truth we were left wanting more, it was too delicious!

The cappuccino was okay, not as strong as we would have liked. There seemed to be an under balance of the coffee and lacked that strong brewed aroma. Cappuccinos are a milky coffee but if made right there is a good balance of coffee to milk. An extra shot would have changed the coffee.

 Red Shakshuka from the Breakfast menu ($18.00) & Cappuccino ($3.90)

Fremantle Arts Centre

There is a bit to do at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Art classes and regular events are held during the year. The grounds are open seven days a week and are free of charge. It is a destination stop on the Friday evening ‘Ghost Tours‘ conducted by Fremantle Trams. There is a great little store called Found right next to the cafe and it stocks a range of unique local products including handmade Jarrah boards. Perfect for gifts and souvenirs. A few of my favourite local designers Mokoh and Blue Lawn have stock in the store and I am forever recommending them to our Airbnb guests. I spotted a screen print tea towel of the Fremantle Port Authority building by Blue Designs, I had to buy it for dad. He has worked in that building for 47 years! ! !


I am not sure what atmosphere the weekends bring to the place but I really wished I had brought a book or laptop along as it was a relaxing space to spend a few hours. The cafe also offers free WIFI internet. As we sat in the peaceful surroundings I thought about the history of the place, my primary school was around the corner and there were all sorts of stories floating around linked to its ghastly past as a lunatic asylum in the late 1800’s. Whenever Mum would drive past I would look up into the windows from the back seat of the car secretly hoping but at the same time not, that I would see a face. I never did but some people have claimed to have seen the face of a well know ghost in rooms that were not accessible. Maya from House Nerd has a great write up of the place on her blog. Regardless of the history Canvas Cafe is a lovely place to spend a few hours with good company. I can’t wait for summertime, to be able to enjoy the outdoor area of the grounds.

Canvas Cafe


Canvas Cafe

Open 7 days per week, check on the website for public holidays timings though

Weekdays – 0800 – 1500 (kitchen closes at 1400)

Weekends – 0800 – 1600 (kitchen closes at 1600)

Breakfast is served until 12 noon

BYO with $2 corkage per person.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Free 4 hour bays located on Finnerty Street

The grounds of the Fremantle Arts Centre are open to the public 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm

Non commercial photography is permitted inside and around the grounds

Courses available during the year Found Shop is next to the cafe

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Gifts from Kitchen Warehouse

Kitchen Warehouse

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