Cheap breakfast in Cottesloe

C Blu restaurant, part of Ocean Beach Hotel (or as most know it ‘the OBH’) runs a $10.00 breakfast special all day long, and located across the road from the beach is superb for extending a morning in Perth’s beach neighbourhood of Cottesloe.

In my early 20’s the OBH was a place for a sneaky drink or two and while it’s still very much that popular place, these days I do breakfast catch ups over sundowners. On Saturday, the family got together for a birthday celebration, we occupied a table by the window. The interior of the restaurant is mildly tired looking with a 1990s era water fountain and closed in feel, different to the bar next door with its iconic windows. In saying this you can pull the windows open for a fresh view of the ocean and street scene on Marine Parade.

The breakfast menu in addition to $10.00 special is reasonably priced and has all of the usual suspects like pancakes, omelette and toast.

The long black coffee arrives to the table, and unusually the saucer has coffee grounds and spillage. The long black is satisfactory, we order another one later on.

Most of the group order either the regular special with bacon and sausage or the vegetarian special. Both specials are a fry up style breakfast with egg of your choice, hash brown, tomato and ciabatta toast. The portion is really decent for the regular, especially the amount of bacon. The vegetarian with baked beans and mushrooms is not as generous but still good value with all things considered.

Service is ticking along really well but slides when my order doesn’t arrive. An attempt to lock eyes with one of the staff doesn’t seem to work, so eventually I leave my seat in search for someone to let them know, ‘I’m awkwardly hungry’. When everyone at the table has finished eating, the 1 piece of gluten free toast and egg appears. The toast is cold which makes me wonder and wish I went with the breakfast special instead.

As the saying often goes, you pay for you get. At $10.00 this is highly likely to be the cheapest breakfast along the Cottesloe Marine Parade strip. With accommodation at the OBH and the nearby backpackers joint, the restaurant draws in quite a few holiday makers and the atmosphere is good. Another visit to CBlu is not out of the question but a place with no hassles becomes a deciding factor when it comes to breakfast.





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