Swanbourne Beach to North Fremantle Cycle + Coffee

Setting out on a morning city cycle we were semi confident we would miss the storm predicted for later in the day,  consequently the much loved Perth Christmas Pageant was cancelled. Ever since the great storm of 2010, storms are taken seriously, but only really occur 50% of the forecasted time. So the weather was pretty good when we woke up, the sun was out and only a faint rustle of the wind. Good cycling conditions.

We set off to Mosman Park, tracing the pathway along the river from Minim Cove Park along to North Fremantle where we made our way to the riverside housing development in between the two traffic bridges in North Fremantle. We could see some suspect dark clouds coming in from the coast as we arrived at Rabbit in the Moon Cafe and it was good to arrive dry!

Rabbit in the Moon is a cute little cafe open from 7am most mornings, and breakfast runs well into 2.30pm. On a sunny warm day, the outside seats would be perfect – with the view of the Swan River. Not today though, we were happily warm inside.

I had the bircher muesli served with yogurt and topped with various seasonal fruits and almonds. It was delicious and the seasonal fruit was fresh. The fruit though, seemed to be used more as a garnish, rather as part of the bircher.  The portion we thought seemed to be on the small side.


The roasted tomato and avocado stack, finished with a circular drizzling of balsamic reduction looked pretty spectacular when it arrived on the table. We thought, considering the dish was a roast tomato and avocado stack we expected more than half a roma tomato.


Now the coffee was good, the long black more specifically was strong and black. It really hit the spot, giving us some much needed caffeine for the return cycle.


It was pretty clear the emphasis is on presentation of the dishes, petals and sauce swirled on plates. I’ll admit my expectations were heightened having seen all the awesome looking photos on instagram. While the dishes we ordered were gorgeous, a few more ingredients would been superb. Maybe we caught the cafe on a bad day?

We weren’t too sure whether it was table service or not? We were told to sit down and our orders would be taken, and then when we sat down and attracted the attention of a passing staff member, we were told to go to the counter. Was a tad amusing, it was early and the weather was grey, wasn’t a big deal. The location is exceptional, especially whilst cycling,  so close to the Swan River. Service was full smiles.

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The stormy weather arrives…..

So after breakfast, the weather hadn’t come in yet and we set off to North Fremantle train station, resigning to catching the train home, mainly for me. The wind was up by now and as we crossed one street it pushed my bike unexpectedably to the right. From this point we decided to exit the road and stick to the pedestrian path. With a little spur of the moment excitement or maybe it was the coffee kicking in, I yelled out to Derek over the wind, lets ride the beach path. He would have done it either way, he’s never one to decline an adventure. We stopped and out came the super sexy (not) rain pants! The camera and mobiles were placed into the waterproof satchels and off we went into the wind! And rain!

Passing Leighton beach where beach goers were retreating to their cars, the sand dunes were providing us with some protection from the wind gust. Everything was okay until we hit the long stretch of Marine Parade and that’s when the crosswind started to hit us. It was a short and dramatic cycle until we reached Indiana’s where we stopped for a bit, to catch our breath.  After 15 minutes we started the cycle to our end point at Swanbourne Beach. We passed one other cyclist who was also cycling on a slant. The cross wind made it virtually impossible to cycle upright and straight. No time for pleasantries as you normally do. Weather in Perth like this, is not really a common occurrence in winter let alone summer, so it was a bit of an adventure. And when we returned home and took off the wet weather gear, we were completely dry underneath. Good to know the gear works for consecutive raining for an hour.





Cycle Route – Swanbourne  Beach to Mosman Park to North Fremantle stopping off at Rabbit in the Moon Cafe and then to Swanbourne Beach.

Highlights – Beach scenery, river scenery – big hills

Cafe Visit – Rabbit in The Moon, 2 Doepel Street, North Fremantle, Fremantle, Perth, WA


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