Weekend Cycle in Claremont + Cake Breakfast

This past Sunday morning despite the imminent threat of rain and wind we took a chance and hopped on the bicycles for a leisurely cycle intending to indulge in a cake breakfast at Choux Cafe.

The Claremont area is an ideal spot for cycling with long wide roads and various bicycle paths which can be linked up. There are also cafes, farmer markets and the Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre to tempt a cyclist. The Fremantle train line passes through Claremont which is super handy if you wish to catch the Transperth train service to reach this leafy green neighbourhood.

choux cafe
A short distance from the train station is Lake Claremont, an area covering approximately 70 hectares of wetland and native bush. There is a bicycle path that fringes along the lake. One side of the path is smooth bitumen ideally suited for roller blades and skate boards. The other side traces much closer to the lake and is popular for bird watching and spotting a family of black swans, the path is compact limestone and okay for bicycles. There is a small playground with BBQ facilities and a large grass space to play ball or unleash the electronic helicopter.

 Lake Claremont

Cycle Path
Cute vintage children’s playground

Claremont Lake Playground
Looking around now it is hard to believe that Lake Claremont was used as a rubbish tip in the 1960’s. Definitely a success story for the residents and environment, the lake is now a Conservation Category Wetland and a designated Bush Forever site. The friends of Lake Claremont Volunteer group come together regularly to work on maintaining the surrounding vegetation. Australian native birds have now returned to the lake and over 80 local and migratory birds can be seen in this little pocket of nature fringed by suburbia.
lake Claremont

Lake Claremont 2
We cycled through the park to Shenton Road and then up the hill until we reached Choux Cafe. The cafe is a 5 minute cycle away from Lake Claremont and about the same distance from the Claremont train station, there is even a bicycle stand out the front of the trio of small shops.

Cycling to Choux Cafe
cycle claremont
Choux Cafe is a French patisserie and all products are baked in the kitchen behind the service counter. We always return to Choux because of the quality of ingredients used. The croissants are made from real butter and not margarine. The patisserie cakes are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.

We love the small neighbourhood feel of the cafe and after we placed our orders at the counter we took a table in the alfresco courtyard at the rear of the building, sheltered from the winter wind.

Salted Butterscotch Macaron




The Gianguja is a layered mousse style cake, a fitting choice for any passionate chocolate lover. It is rich and the texture soft and creamy as a result from being slowly cooked in the oven. There is always plenty of macarons available and today the salted butterscotch caught my attention.

The patisseries in Perth if they happen to be open on a Sunday close up early around late morning to early afternoon. Understandably as most of the baking occurs before the shops opens. Best to go early I say so that you can benefit from the first picks of the day.


layered cake

More information about Claremont


Keep dogs on lead to protect the wildlife

There is some parking at the bottom of Stirling Street or at Lapsley Road.  Bicycle access to the park is from Alfred Road, Stirling Street and Lapsley Road.

There are a number of neighbourhood cafes and places for the kids nearby and all within cycling distance to Lake Claremont. Here are a few recommendations;

Bilby’s Burgers

64 Davies Rd  Claremont WA 6010

Mt Claremont Primary Farmers Markets (Saturday morning only)

103 Alfred Road, Mt Claremont 6010

La Mousse Cafe & Patisserie

105 Mt Claremont Community Centre, Montgomery Avenue Mt Claremont, Perth, Western Australia 6010

Deli Chicchi

6, 29 Strickland St  Mt Claremont WA 6010

Claremont Public Swimming pool and kiosk

12 Davies Road Claremont, WA 6010


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