Mt Claremont Farmers Markets

The weekend farmers markets around Perth are lively and bustling during winter showcasing West Australian products. The fruit and vegetable produce is at its best and the hot market food is a great way to warm up. The markets are also a place to discover those niche products that are not available in supermarkets.

This morning may have been cold but the sun was out and the sky a vivid blue, Perth winters are mild and a light jacket, beanie and gloves will suffice for venturing out of the house. We stopped in at the Mt Claremont Farmers Markets held Saturday weekly (7:30 am – 11:30 am) at the Mount Claremont Primary School. The market’s busy period starts from around 9:00 am and for a gold coin donation parking is available in the grounds.


The Honeycake Stand

There are a number of cake and dessert stalls but The Honeycake caught my immediate eye and after sampling a bite size portion of the cake I had to take a slice home for later. Another reason to visit the farmers markets is the opportunity to taste the various products!

The Honeycake is a dessert cake from the old and no longer Kingdom of Bohemia. The cake is layers upon layers of honey, finely ground nuts and a butter cream caramel. Over the centuries as recipes were traded in eastern Europe there are now a number of variations from as far as Russia. My boyfriends mother of Croatian descent makes a caramel layered cake that is to die for.

I consumed my slice later that afternoon with a black espresso and undeniably it was a delicious honey cake, the texture was soft but thick in substance. Honey and the butter caramel, my gosh!

Slice of The Honeycake ($5.00)


The Honeycake on Urbanspoon
Heritage Bakery

In the corner of the markets and next door to the grossly popular coffee stall was a bakery vendor selling warm mini ($2.00) and regular ($7.00) sized pies.

Chunky meat cubes in a thick shiraz based gravy and soft butter pastry, I couldn’t resist buying the regular sized pie. I do prefer the mini pies though as there is a higher pastry to meat ratio. I am a sucker for pastry.

Wagu and Shiraz Pie ($7.00)

Wagu and shiraz pie

Captain Bobo’s Bratwurst

At almost every market is the trusty German Bratwurst stand with sizzling sausages cooking away in the big pan. It is a super quick snack, within one minute of placing the order we had our bratwurst bun in hand. Although 5 times the price of what you would pay for a Bratwurst in Germany, it was still delicious.

Bratwurst ($7.00)


Simply Everyday

Small delicious raw desserts that are dairy and wheat free. I couldn’t help but try the snickers and choc mint. They were delicious!


Aside from the delicious market food there are many organic products and farm direct meats, fruit and vegetables. I have created a list of a  few of the suppliers that frequent the Mt Claremont Markets. If you would like to be added to the list please leave a comments below.

Spencers Brook Farms

Purely Mexican

Gingin Beef

Guinea Grove Farm

New Norcia Bakery

The Flower Market

Over The Moon Organics
 Location at Mount Claremont Primary School

Mount Claremont Farmers markets


Nearest train station: Loch Street on the Fremantle Line
Bus from the CBD: Number 27, the bus continues to Claremont Quarter after passing the markets
Cycling: There is a cycle path that follows the train line




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    We wanted to contact you to make you aware of the new Leederville Farmers Market which operates every Sunday in the heart of the cafe district in central Leederville.

    The LFM supports and assists local West Australian growers and food artisans in delivering their lovingly made produce directly into our community. Community health and well being is central to our mission.

    We are very proud to be able to say that “the people who grow the food sell the food” and our market is run strictly to those standards.

    Vendors at the market come from as far north as Broome all the way down to Denmark in the deep south and many points in between. It’s exciting, its clean and its fun !

    Please visit our website for more details at

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